Painting the baby's room

The importance of colour

Whether your newborn will have their own room or share one, their upcoming arrival in the family becomes very real as soon as their room is finished.  It is important to make the right choices for that room to ensure that it is a comfortable space, day or night.

Whether or not you believe in chromotherapy, the science by which colors influence our mood health, color plays a major role in decoration. Imagine going to a spa for a relaxing weekend and find yourself sleeping in a room with bright red walls and a lemon yellow ceiling ... not very relaxing!

The colors in a baby's room should be relaxing but not boring; they will be the backdrop for so many wonderful childhood memories!

Obviously, the baby’s sex also has a great influence on your choice. The room can be very feminine or filled with fire trucks,  or you could opt for neutral colors if you don’t know the sex of the baby or if he/she will share the room with a sibling.

Choosing colors

The shades you choose for your baby’s room must be in harmony with your home’s existing colors and style. Choose a starting point to guide you:

  • The floor color;
  • The furniture color;
  • The fabric of a chair or bed;
  • A frame or decoration that inspires you.

Remember to take a sample with you when you go to the store to match your inspiration with the paint. A picture of the room is also very useful and will help the staff advise you properly.

You’re now ready to choose three colors :
  • a dominant color, generally neutral, that will cover about 60 % of the room;
  • a secondary color, a bit more striking, that will cover about 30 % of the room;
  • an accent color, that will cover the remaining 10 % of the room.

The accent color can be very similar to the secondary color (a blue with a green, for example), or more contrasting (a pink with a green, for example). It can also only be used for accessories, fabrics, drapes or carpet.

In the photo in the example, the dominant color is cream. The orange hue on the ceiling and in the shade of the hardwood floor is the secondary color, and yellow is the accent colour. As you can see, it is not forbidden to add another color (in this case white) and to change the proportions. The important thing is to have a harmonious composition, where all the colours are complementary and not overpowering.

Tips and advice
  • Don’t forget to use the ceiling. Your little one will spend a lot of time on their back, so it’s important to make it visually interesting.
  • Have fun with wall decals. They’re great sources of inspiration and are not permanent. Hand-painted murals are also very nice.
  • Make sure to choose VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) paints to protect your baby’s health, and yours!.
  • Avoid big themes, unless you want to redecorate often.
  • Do not hesitate to paint the furniture or cover a chair to match your decor. They are inexpensive changes that can make a difference and it will be easy to change if your tastes or circumstances change.

Despite the trends in interior design, never forget that it’s your house and that the most important thing is to follow your taste, not the trend!

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