Changing the decoration in your child’s room

After decorating the room of your future baby, here you are again, about to decorate your child’s room. And it won’t be the last time!

When you have children, people keep telling you that time flies. You can doubt it as much as you want when you wake up from a never-ending night, but it is true. It does fly. You wake up one morning and your baby has grown. He became a little child who wants to express himself. He wants to choose his own clothes and he wants his room painted blue with a bed cover of his most recent superhero. So there we are, lets get the brushes and start painting!

From baby to child

As you probably know, the starting point of room decorating is usually the bedding. Therefore, the ideal moment to freshen up your child’s décor is probably when you change the bed. The bedding set of your crib is not adapted to the big bed so you will need a new set. Take this opportunity to choose new colors, more saturated than the usual baby pastel. Your child will probably have a few suggestions concerning the color and theme of his room. Do not hesitate to take it into account.

Your baby has grown but there still are a few precautions to take if you want the room to be beautiful and practical. Here are a few tips:

  • Use decoration items with moderation. They will have a hard time with your little explorer or with Miss Princess. Trinkets and mountains of pillows on the bed are not appropriate at that age.
  • Let your child participate. He is at an age when his need for assertion is very present. Letting him decide of a few things will strengthen his sense of autonomy. However, be careful in the way you ask questions. It is better to let him choose between various options than to ask an open question. (For example: “Do you prefer a pink or an orange room?” rather than “What color would you like for your room?”)
  • Choose a washable bed cover. During potty training, it is a must. The same goes for the cushions and curtains.
  • It is time to add hooks and accessories that make it easier for him to get dressed. The same goes for toys, put the boxes at his height.
  • Use a washable type of paint.
From child to preteen

Preadolescence, around the end of elementary school, is a transitional age. Your child claims loud and clear that he is no longer a baby. Even if he looks like a child, he feels like a teen. Here are a few tips for his room:

  • If the bed stays the same, you will probably have to buy a desk for his homework.
  • To renew the appearance of the bed, add a headboard. It can be padded, painted on the wall, made with an old wooden door or a large frame.
  • For girls, try to set up a dressing space with a mirror and storage for accessories.
  • While last time you were starting off with a theme (princess, frogs, cars, sports,etc.), this time, you start with a style (vintage, modern, country, etc.)
  • You can know choose accessories that are decorative rather than practical. Dare to use cushions and picture frames.
  • Bright and dynamic colors are cool. Use them as accessories if you think that your child (or yourself) will get bored with it. That way, you can change colors without changing everything again.
From preteen to teenager

Adolescence, around 14 years old, is a period of important changes. If, for some, the passage to adulthood goes smoothly, for others it can be heavier. Here are a few tips to redecorate the sacred territory of your teenager:

  • At that age, your child probably wants a bigger bed. If the space is big enough, buy him a double bed (54 inches) or queen (60 inches). Keep in mind that many bed sets are only available in queen size but you can always fit a queen sized sheet on a double bed.
  • Let your child choose the basics but keep the roots to yourself. For example, you're your teenage girl a defined budget but let her choose the bedding. Tell her if your prefer paint or wallpaper but let her choose the color and the design.
  • The homework corner now becomes a technological corner. A computer is almost a must.
  • A valuable advice: learn to let go. It is useless to trigger a power struggle over decoration matters. You probably have hotter topics on which you should focus your energy. As long as the room is respected (it is your home after all) and kept clean, it is best to let him choose the décor.
  • Finally, wall decals are an excellent option at any age.

That’s It! Decorating a nursery based on your tastes slowly turned into a subtle negotiation game. Your child’s room evolves with him and it is a good thing. Have fun and don’t hesitate to ask the painting or bedding store for advice. You will also realize that asking a neutral person for advice is always useful and that children enjoy having “their own” decoration specialist.

Jessica Prescott
Interior designer

As a designer who started her training as a decorator, she went on to get her diploma in Interior Design from LaSalle College. Mother of a girl and a boy, she is passionate about intelligent designs, which are both beautiful and functional. Her experience as a mother gives her a practical and realistic approach blending aesthetics and family. Practicing in the Saguenay region, she offers her services on site or via email.

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