Children sharing a room

Here are creative solutions for children who share the same room.

Sometimes, our desire to have a child and our house are not compatible. I, myself, had a wonderful surprise when I found out that I was pregnant with our second child when we were living in a two-bedroom condo and driving a car with only two doors. Because moving is not that easy and the timing is not always right, here are solutions to this happy problem.

My first tip is very simple: put the situation in perspective. It is much easier to take up a challenge when you are positive. Many children have been sharing rooms for a long time, here and across the world. Not so long ago, our grandmothers did not have enough rooms for all children. It is possible to have happy children who can get used to this not-so-uncommon situation.

Before even thinking about decorating

Think about organizing: the secret of organizing is to have as little as possible to put away. Carefully sort your child’s belongings and only keep what must imperatively remain in the bedroom. To help you during this exercise, read our article about efficient storage. Also optimize your wardrobe space by installing two poles to hang clothes, one on top of the other. Because kids clothes are short, you shouldn't have a problem with overlap.

With many children come many beds. If the age difference requires it, begin the transition to the big bed to free your crib. Read our article From crib to bed for more information on the subject.

For older children, you can also use bunk beds. Children love them and it uses the higher space that we often neglect. A loft bed is also fantastic to save room for a desk. Curtains can help create a private space. In both cases, don’t forget to install a lamp for the upper occupant. Battery lamps that can be glued to the wall are ideal.


Matching is key but you do not need a kit. To match pieces of furniture together, play with colors. Mismatched furniture all painted white, for example, is very cute.

Don’t forget that your bedding is the starting point of any room. It is the most complicated to choose so it is necessary to choose colors and accessories based on your fabrics and not the other way around. Lines and dots are fun unisex patterns and are easy to match. If you are stuck you can always buy it custom-made. It's a more expensive approach, but it can give better results and make the whole room look better.

Wall color will depend on your situation. For children of the same gender, you do not have to worry. But when you have boys and girls in the same room, you will need to think a bit further. In that case, choose a unisex color or separate the room in two distinct and contrasted areas. You can also paint the wall in neutral colors and buy colourful accessories for each child. Vinyl decals are also a good option to apply this idea.

Do not forget about intimacy. A simple accessory that can be used as a room divider is a curtain. Suspended from the ceiling with railings or a pole, it can customize your space according to the needs and moods of your children. Another way to divide a room is with a bottomless bookcase from Ikea. Cheap and effective!

Finally, it is important to be creative but avoid many extras. Use every bit of space that you can use and buy accessories to personalize. Take some time to think and plan your project and surf the web for inspiration. You can also use this opportunity to teach your children notions of sharing and respecting each other’s intimacy to make cohabitation easier.

If these few tips are still insufficient, ask a professional and choose customized furniture for the room. It will surely be cheaper than buying a bigger house.

Jessica Prescott
Interior designer

As a designer who started her training as a decorator, she went on to get her diploma in Interior Design from LaSalle College. Mother of a girl and a boy, she is passionate about intelligent designs, which are both beautiful and functional. Her experience as a mother gives her a practical and realistic approach blending aesthetics and family. Practicing in the Saguenay region, she offers her services on site or via email.

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