Cleaning without damaging your fertility

Green cleaning

Lemon juice fights grease and stains on mirrors and dishes. White vinegar is good against mold, grease and bacteria. To scour, cleanse, deodorize, soften fabrics and even unclog drains, nothing beats baking soda. Finally, table salt and cornstarch can help disinfect and scrub for one and remove stains and odours for the other. There are many homemade recipes to clean our home. See the practical guides by Option consommateurs below. Specialized boutiques and supermarkets also sell green cleaning products that can take care of all your duties.

Finally, we cannot change all of our habits overnight but a few steps at a time will help. For example, use essential oils instead of perfumes, avoid products deemed antibacterial that contain Triclosan and open the windows 5 minutes a day!


Seréna Québec has refined the Symptothermal Method, a science-based fertility awareness method which empowers (ourselves, not an algorithm) to precisely identify the infertile phase and the fertile phase of each cycle, with 3 signs to observe and interpret in correlation: basal body temperature, cervical fluid and cervix. Users will adapt their sexual practices according to their objective (contraception or trying to conceive) during the fertile window. Recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services and supervised by consulting physicians and scientists, Seréna Québec’s team and certified volunteers provide these services: Information service Teaching-sessions and follow-ups Conferences Training for professionals In these 5 fields of intervention : menstrual cycle’s health natural birth control natural conception return of fertility after birth perimenopause Adress : 6646 Saint-Denis, Montréal, Québec, H2S 2R9 Web site, Facebook page, DirectionCommunicationCoordination  

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