10 reasons to use a natural contraceptive method

Why bother with a natural method when you can use simple, fast and automatic methods? Here are ten good reasons.

It is up to each individual to choose according to his aspirations and values but contrary to popular myths, there are many benefits to natural contraception methods.

1- It is effective

Forget the myths about natural methods of contraception. When the sympto-thermal method is taught and applied properly, it involves both partners. Its effectiveness is comparable to the pill and IUD and is higher than the condom. Couples then have more than 99% chance of not conceiving. It is effective because it combines the daily observation of cervical mucus, the morning temperature and the characteristics of the cervix. These signs on the woman's body precisely identify the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle.

2 - It is natural and without side effects

No intrusion into the body, no feeling of being constantly under treatment and no artificial hormones are just a few benefits of natural methods. For their part, hormonal contraceptives (pills, injections, patches, vaginal rings and intrauterine progestin) are based on biochemical intervention in the natural cycle of the body. Several side effects are often noted such as headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, irregular bleeding, skin irritation, acne, etc. In addition, an artificial hormonal control of the body can delay conception once the hormones are stopped.

3 - It is good for your couple

The sympto-thermal method allows the sharing of the contraception responsibility between men and women who then are on the same footing. It is the only method of cooperation between the two partners. Couple contraception, when chosen and practiced by common agreement, contributes to the unity of the two lovers. Thus, everyone has a role to play. You ponder on the timing for sexual relations, according to your intention of avoiding or having a pregnancy and it stimulates communication and reconciliation in the couple.

4 - It is ecological

The natural contraception method is perfectly ecological. With it, we can reduce latex consumption and waste by reducing the use of condoms. Latex is also derived from the excessive rubber harvest. It travels thousands of miles to land on our shelves. On the other hand, the environmental effects of the pill are still poorly documented. In addition to altering the natural hormonal balance of the female body, hormones are likely to participate to the chemical overload of rivers, which affects the hormonal balance and reproduction of several animal species. This is how using a natural method alleviates the burden on the environment.

5 - You get to know yourself

Instead of fighting against the little issues of your cycle, what if you adapted to it? Understanding and accepting is living better with your nature as a woman and your fertility. Knowing exactly what is happening in your body and distinguishing the symptoms related to the changes in your menstrual cycle helps the woman in you get through these moments that affect both physically and psychologically. The sympto-thermal method is one of the keys to this discovery that allows women to find themselves. Its beauty lies in the confidence and consideration she has for her body and herself. Knowing your body is opening to happiness.

6 - It makes you independent

Of course a fast and effortless contraceptive method gives you the freedom to act without worrying about pregnancy. But isn’t the true freedom made of relying on your own self you’re your knowledge, to act consciously? Those who prefer natural methods prefer to be in charge of their fertility instead of trusting a device and depending on it. After all, judging of we want a child or not is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.

7 - It follows you throughout your life

Knowing your menstrual cycle and fertility is a secret weapon that follows and accompanies a woman throughout life, from puberty through an active sex life, while breastfeeding and until menopause. Cycle and moods fluctuate according to the stages of life. By being well prepared, men and women face these steps knowingly and calmly and can even predict events. This valuable knowledge is also used as contraceptive research in birth planning. It is a joy to consciously conceiving a baby instead of by chance.

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