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How breastmilk production really works Breastfeeding

How breastmilk production really works


Breastmilk production is the subject of many breastfeeding myths. There is a common misconception that a mother’s breasts are like big bottles that constantly fill with breastmilk by some magical process separate from baby and mom. Babies then feed on tap from this ever-full reservoir. However, the truth is more complicated. Rather than “supply and demand,” breastfeeding actually works by a method of “demand and supply.” A mother will produce only the amount of breastmilk that her baby wants.

April 7, 2017
Adopted father! Dad

Adopted father!

Pierre Labrie

I haven’t been a father for long. For some, I’m not even a father. Maybe that’s because I didn’t become one in a scream. In fact, I was adopted four years ago.

August 4, 2014