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Eating for two, three, four… Pregnancy/Maternity

Eating for two, three, four…


Being pregnant means you have to start thinking, acting and eating for two! For your own health and the one of your baby, you should watch what you eat and try eating better than ever. Carrying a life inside you is a big responsibility... imagine carrying twins, triplets, quadruplets... you'd have to eat for 3, 4, 5 people!

November 5, 2018
7 Ways to Deal with Sore Nipples Breastfeeding

7 Ways to Deal with Sore Nipples


Being a new mom takes you on an adventure that is full of surprises and challenges. If you have chosen to breastfeed your baby, you’re probably looking forward to a positive experience, filled with special moments between you and your little one.

October 22, 2018
Letter from a man on being a Dad Breastfeeding

Letter from a man on being a Dad


"First, I feel like a stranger in a strange and amazing new land – a man with a huge responsibility. Dad is my new full-time job description... and a work in progress." Find out what really goes on in the mind of a new Dad with this heartfelt letter to the mother of his child and the love of his life!

September 24, 2018
My child is a picky eater Diet

My child is a picky eater


If they gave in to their child’s every whim, some parents would build a menu around chicken nuggets, spaghetti and... chicken nuggets!

September 3, 2018
Food Taboos Diet

Food Taboos

Nospetitsmangeurs .org

With the increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide, many foods with a high sugar and fat content are being pointed at. But do we really need to ban certain food products for toddlers?

July 23, 2018