Pierre Labrie

Labrie, Pierre

Pierre Labrie writes for adults and children of all ages. His books often underline the importance of communication. He wrote more than twenty pieces in French and has received several awards including the prestigious Rina-Lasnier in 2011 and, a Gérald Godin in 2005. Pierre loves music (rock, punk, metal, jazz and electronic), books, movies, contemporary art and he also likes feeding aliens that just arrived on Earth to hide in his closet. Pierre Labrie laughs every day. Visit Pierre Labrie’s website to learn more about him!


Adopted father! Dad

Adopted father!

I haven’t been a father for long. For some, I’m not even a father. Maybe that’s because I didn’t become one in a scream. In fact, I was adopted four years ago.

August 4, 2014