10 hobbies for mothers

Cook with freedom!

Cooking for the whole family every night can be a chore. The kids are tired and so are you, the fridge is almost empty and you haven’t had time to go grocery shopping. But when you have time to cook, when everything is within your reach and you can try new recipes, cooking can be very interesting. Discover new spices, new mixes and produces that are out of the ordinary. Some cooking classes will teach you the basics; others will teach you certain styles of food (Thai, Italian, Greek, etc…) or themes (wines, brunch, sauces, pasta, chocolate desserts, etc…). Try cooking as a couple or with a friend. You can also buy a new cook book and try new recipes once in a while.

Inspiring places
  • Loblaws (and some Provigo) offers different culinary workshops. Find information at the nearest grocery store.
  • The Académie culinaire also offers classes in the Old Port of Montreal, but also at The Bay in Quebec City (Place Laurier) and Laval (Carrefour Laval). Check it out!
Inspiring books
  • The Complete Robuchon by Joel Robuchon
  • Larousse/Gastronomique, The World’s greatest culinary encyclopaedia, 2009.
  • Cook with Jamie : my guide to making you a better cook by Jamie Olivier, Hachette, 2007.


Click Click!

You have the most beautiful subjects right in front of you: your kids. Since you enjoy going through your photo albums, virtually or manually, and share the pictures with your loved ones, why not mix business with pleasure and take a photography class? You willlearn tips on how to take better pictures, give depth to your photos and create spectacular surroundings. Your camera won’t have any more secrets for you and you will have a blast taking shots of all your precious moments with a simple “Click!”

Inspiring books
  • Shooting Digital : Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Digital Camera by Mikkel Aaland (Paperback – Nov 6, 2006)
  • Picture-Taking for Moms & Dads : Recipes for Great Pictures With Any Camera by Ron Nichols (Paperback – Jun 2001)


Cut, tear, glue, embellish, add, assemble, write, etc.: create magnificent pages that will hold all your precious memories. From now on, scrapbooking isn’t limited to photo albums. Make cards, bookmarks and much more! Sit down with girlfriends or alone in front of a table filled with ribbons, stamps, buttons, paper, different shapes and accessories and dive into a world where everyone comes out completely hooked!

La cour à scrap…booking! A workshop where you can come and settle down to work on your projects. You have access to the boutique’s tools. Perfect for mothers who don’t have enough space at home and don’t want to invest too much money before knowing if they really like the activity. La cour à scrap… booking! 87 boulevard St-Luc in Saint-Luc.

Inspiring books
  • Scrapbooking Made Easy (Leisure Arts #15946) (Simple Scrapbooks) by Simple Scrapbooks and Leisure Arts (Perfect Paperback - Jan 2, 2006)
  • Scrapbooking for Dummies by Jeanne Wines-Reed and Joan Wines (Paperback - Oct 8, 2004)
  • Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking (Leisure Arts #15941) (Creating Keepsakes) by Creating Keepsakes, Leisure Arts, and Tracy White (Perfect Paperback - Feb 9, 2009)

Would you like to travel more? Are you eager to learn about different cultures? Would you love to immerse yourself in a country’s flavours, colors, history and traditions? Why not learn a new language or improve one until you have enough money to fly to your dream destination? Take a class offered by an educational establishment (cegep or university), your town, a private school or with a book and CD.

Inspiring books
  • How To Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on Your Own by Barry Farber (Paperback - Apr 1, 2001)

Read or write!

If you love books and words, join a book club or a writing workshop. There are no resources nearby? Take charge and start one! Gather other passionate people, choose a book every month and sit down with a coffee to talk about it. To help you out, speak to la Fédération québécoise du loisir littéraire.

Inspiring books
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die by Peter Boxall and Peter Ackroyd (Hardcover - Mar 7, 2006)

You can’t move every year, but you can change your decoration to improve your home, and you can do it without spending much! A project can take a couple of hours, a weekend or even a couple of weeks. Make a stained glass window for your living room, learn to sow original curtains or transform you living room into a little haven.

Inspiring books
  • Time-Life Book of Home Design Techniques by Nicholas Springman, Jane Chapman, 2001.
  • Color harmony for Interior Design: A guidebook for creating Great color combinations for your home, by Martha Gill, 2001.



Blogs have become the new modern way to write down your memories or personal diary.

Whether it's to write about your passion (many women who are passionate about scrapbooking have blogs) or about your family life, blogs are a way to communicate differently.

Inspiring books
  • Creating a website in Dreamweaver CS4 : Visual Quick Project Guide.
  • Blogging For Dummies, Susannah Gardner, Shane Birley, 2007

Cross-words, Sudoku, Scrabble, you choose! Some like to pick their brains by reading the newspaper, but others find these word or number games to be very liberating because the only thing you have to think about is finding the solution. You can find many of these games in books, table games or on the computer.

Inspiring books
  • The Big Book of Brain Games: 1,000 PlayThinks of Art, Mathematics & Science by Ivan Moscovich and Ian Stewart (Paperback - Jul 30, 2006)


Nothing’s old-fashioned about knitting! Far from it! Many Hollywood starlets knit! One stitch up, one stitch down! It’s impressive to see all the different things you can make once you know the basics.

Inspiring books
  • Simple baby: 20 Special Handknits for Baby’s first two years, Debbie Bliss, 2006.
  • The any yard, any size knit hat book by Sarah Bradburry, 2007.



Try painting on your clothes, furniture,  glasses and plates, canvas,  ceramic tiles or wooden objects. Let your imagination run wild and be creative with your paint brush!

Inspiring books
  • Paint: Illustrated Techniques for Every Medium by Amy Jeynes (Paperback - Jun 11, 2007)

Make jewelry!

The pearl and bead bars are very popular amongst mothers. Colored pearls can be original and beautiful jewelry once you've put your personal touch Every piece of jewelry you create will be an original! Don’t settle only on necklaces! Make bracelets, earrings and rings!

Inspiring places
  • Omer de Serres: everywhere throughout the province!
Inspiring books
  • Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making and Beading (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) by Chris Franchetti Michaels (Paperback - Oct 8, 2007)
  • The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques by Jinks McGrath (Hardcover - Sep 1995)

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