Addicted to social media

You have hundreds of followers, you are huge on Facebook and you Instagram everything that you see. Here are 10 perfect gifts for you or for your friend who does.

Shower curtain

Here is a wonderful shower curtain for Facebook fans who will find out who became friends with the sink and who will like to know that Bath likes to joke around. You can even use your face as profile picture as you kindly ask your man to stop using hot water when you are in the shower…

Think Geek, Social Media Shower Curtain, $21.99

This week
Being a mother changes our life… and sex life!

You knew that having a baby would be life changing. You understood and accepted the fact that your sex life would slow down, but it’s been quiet for months and years now...

Celebrating your mother from afar

Mother's Day is coming! During this pandemic, many people won't be able to be with their mom's on this special day. Show her that you are thinking of her, always but especially today, with these ideas to celebrate your mom from a distance this Mother's Day!

7 Crafts for Mother's Day

Dear dad, dear babysitter, this post is for you! Mother's Day is fast approaching and to allow children to give a little sweetness to mom this year, here are 7 simple DIY craft ideas.

A Pink Menu for Mother's Day!

In spring, pink resurfaces. A color that evokes sunny days is suddenly everywhere, from the wardrobe to the lipsticks. To celebrate Mother's Day, you can even add a touch of pink to the menu!