Portrait of modern moms

Are mothers today so different from the moms that came before us? Who are we, what inspires us, thrills us, and challenges us?

One thing is certain, mothers today have far more resources than in the past. With the technological age, we can now live our maternity with the world at our fingertips!

The techno-mom!

Nowadays, people are incredibly individualized and remain in the confines of their homes with their electronic gadgets and new mothers often find themselves isolated and a bit lost in their new role.

Thanks to the internet, we can now talk with moms around the world, have gatherings between mothers who share the same passions and thus surround ourselves with people who share the same values so we can get appropriate advice and support while adjusting to our new reality.

Social Pressure

The perverse effect of being able to access all this information so easily is that it often creates enormous pressure on the present day mother. Women are faced with so many different ideals that they eventually get too scared to make a decision and develop a strong sense of guilt that makes them lose their bearings, no longer trusting themselves or listening to their instincts.

For most moms, all this inner guilt we live with really expresses is our desire to guide our children to become happy and healthy individuals. We often forget our disappointments and struggles shape our character and that it will not be the sporadic mistakes of parents that try to handle them to the best of their ability that will forever ruin our children.

It’s important to keep in mind that moms really do the best they can and that despite our mistakes, the only thing we can do it watch our children grow and adapt to them and their needs by adjusting when we see fit.

Work-family balance

Another pressure a lot of moms today have to deal with stems from the fact that we now have the choice to have a career and be a mom at the same time! This is a great feat for women but often adds a source of anxiety since the work-family balance is still difficult to achieve and depends largely on where you work and their flexibility in response to this reality.

What about dads?

Fortunately, mothers involve their partners much more than ever before and fathers take part in household chores and parenting responsibilities, although they still have a long way to go to even get to our level!

What moms wish for

Regardless of her values and life goals, today’s mom does not like to be stereotyped and wants fiercely to choose her own destiny. She will fight with all the passion she possesses to be heard. What she wants above all, is for people to see her for what she is, an integral part of her family and society.

We can now see that modern moms are not so different than the moms that preceded them if we take the time to really think about it. They all have one thing at heart: the welfare of their children! You can add a career, hobbies, couple life or single life; what counts is a mom who feels good about her life choices and who will reflect her happiness of her children.

Image de Mariem Melainine

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