15 signs of new mom exhaustion

Your milk is in the cupboard

When you try to fill the bottle, there’s no milk left. But when you reach for the coffee, you find milk, orange juice and ice cream in the cupboard.

You rock your groceries

When you rock your groceries as you talk or push your empty shopping cart back and forth, you can honestly say that you’re tired!

You throw away your clothes

Have you ever been tired enough to put a diaper in the freezer? Have you ever thrown wipes in the washing machine? Or put your laundry in the trashcan?

You don’t boil water, you evaporate it

There’s nothing like a newborn to make you lose the notion of time. Several moms told us that they forgot the water on the stove. One of them even fell asleep on the couch, and her hard-boiled egg exploded on the kitchen ceiling!

You can’t operate the washing machine

You fill the dishwasher and the washing machine, and then you forget to start the cycle once, twice and come back an hour later to find your dirty dishes and laundry. A mom almost called a technician once to fix the washing machine that was never turned on in the first place.

Who are you again?

When you talk on the phone for 20 minutes, hang up, look at your husband and say: “who was I talking to just then?”, you really need a nap.

You don’t understand how diapers work

Your baby’s pants are covered in pee. Poor baby! But… you changed him 15 minutes ago. Maybe diapers are not as effective when you put them on backward or forget about them. Poor mom!

You cry for trivial things

Yes, the woman in the ad seems nice and the music fits the concept, but if it makes you cry every time, you should definitely try to sleep more.

You put salt in your coffee

The recipe said 1 cup of flour (not baking soda!). Yes, you can throw these cookies away without feeling bad and no, you haven’t slept enough last night!

Wrong destination

“… Did I forget to drop you off at daycare?” Almost all moms take their children to work once. It’s almost an initiation to motherhood.

Late fees

“How much? $25?” When you have a baby, the days all look the same and when you sleep every time you get the chance, you can forget to bring books and movies back for a few days… or a few months.

You sleep everywhere and all the time

You can say that you’re tired when you fall asleep when you breastfeed, on the couch or in your child's bed, in the middle of a princess story. You can say that you’re REALLY tired when you wonder if you could just sleep for a few seconds on a red light.

You jump at loud noises

You jump each time you hear a door, a crow or your neighbor’s baby? Stop worrying! Your baby is in your arms. And your glasses are on the top of your head.

You never go out!

Another symptom of fatigue is when you postpone a movie night, cancel a night out and forget about a party but cry and whine at your husband because you never go out anymore.

You forget to eat

Making dinner? What for? Each time you try, you smell the previous night’s dinner that was lying in the oven. Maybe that’s because you felt like you had dinner after finishing your baby’s cereals.

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