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You know you are tired when…

Because we can almost see you doze off (and because it is very funny), we decided to share the great moments of fatigue shared on

Tired mothers are many (*Yawn*). Who have never heated empty pans, cried for nothing, put the milk in the pantry, the remote control in the refrigerator and our baby’s diaper backwards because we were too tired to think? Here are a few examples of what mothers can do after many weeks of short nights!

You know you are tired when…
  • You put your baby in his bath without taking his clothes off! (Marie-Claude)
  • When you come back from work, you go back to the house you sold 2 years ago… (Stephanie)
  • You put the dog in the stroller (I had 2 hours of sleep) (Tabatha)
  • You got up 4 times during the same night, without opening your eyes, and you wonder why your baby is not wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he fell asleep! (Sarah)
  • You manage to fail microwaved oatmeal. (Émilie)
  • In the morning, instead of concealer, you put gloss under your eyes! (Annick)
  • You want your 5-year-old daughter to go to sleep so you can sleep too… (Cathy)
  • You overflow the sink! (Claudiane)
  • You cry and laugh at the same time and you don’t know why! (Jeneviève)
  • You climb up the 15 steps that lead to your apartment and once up, you lie down on your couch without taking your shoes off! (Valéry)
  • When you finish a task, you think about the next one and when it’s time to do it, you forgot what it was. (Catherine)
  • You dip your brush in coffee instead of the water glass to paint with your daughter! (Audrey)
  • You look at the construction guys outside the building, you try to look closer and smash your face in the window. (Julio)
  • You hit your face with the car door… twice! (Cindy)
  • You leave to pick your daughter up in daycare and when you arrive to her dentist appointment, you realize that you never picked her up. (Cynthia)
  • You put the orange juice of your older son in the cereals of the youngest and put liquid soap in a dish where your meat still was… (Élise)
  • You give your son’s bottle to your husband… (Lily)
  • You pour milk in your child’s bottle and you realize that there is no bag in the bottle… (Valérie)
  • You can’t wait for Friday to come and it is Sunday… (Audrey)
  • You wake up breastfeeding on the couch and you can’t remember getting up! (Jacinthe)
  • In the middle of the night, you wake up with your cat and put it in the cot, thinking it is your baby! (Jessica)
  • You forget to take your glasses and bra off before jumping in the shower… (Vicky)
  • You try twice to put your daughter’s pacifier in your husband’s mouth (Cindy)
  • You don’t know where you have left your baby! (Julie)
  • You put cereals in the dog’s bowl and put dog food in yours. (Audrey)
  • You get to work and realize that your baby is still on the backseat. (Danielle)
  • You fall asleep in the middle of the playroom while playing with your children. (Anick)
  • The car behind you honks because you fell asleep on a red light… (Isabelle)
  • You pour yourself a glass of milk and put it in the bottle warmer! (Cynthia)
  • You go to work wearing a shirt… and a pyjama bottom! (Stéphanie)
  • You can’t put two words together… You dream of sleeping four hours in a row… you fall asleep while making love! (Marie-Claude)
  • You take a shower and it is only when you get in the shower that you realize it is the second time today! You make a coffee and forget the filter! (Magali)
  • You change your baby’s diaper but forget to put another one on or you get to work with two different shoes. (Sophie)
  • You make grilled cheeses and when you are about to serve them, you realize that you frgot to put the cheese between the slices of bread. (Mamanju)
  • You wake up because of the fire alarm and you try to snooze it. (Anonyme)

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