Winter's joy

Winter has finally settled in with its hats, its snowsuits, its shovels and its driving hazards. But there are ways to fully enjoy winter in spite of it all.

Despite what you may think, winter is not only about spending for winter tires and warm clothes or about shovelling and forced hibernation. Because even if they are far from being the majority, we have found winter lovers who agreed to share their tips and help us learn to appreciate the white season.

Plan the introduction…

Yes, you need to be properly equipped if you want to appreciate the cold or at least to avoid being scared to just get out. Good warm clothes are a must. They are more expensive but you will appreciate the comfort and the protection against the biting winter cold.  Furthermore, many specialized boutiques offer sensational annual sales that will make it much more affordable.

Take advantage of your little shopping spree (and of your savings!) to buy a few snow toys: a sleigh, plastic shovels, and other things depending on your child’s age and the distance between your home and the place where you want to play.

If you want to invest in a high quality sleigh, made in Quebec by a skilled craftsman, take a look at his collection and we assure you that you will literally fall in love with one of the pieces.

Active rather than passive

It is obvious that if we only tolerate wintertime instead of happily embracing its activities, it will be a long season.

Ok, I am not the first to tell you that outdoor activities can make you like winter a bit more. It’s easy to say when you love skiing, skating and cross-country skiing… especially while mothers are much less keen on sports that we would like to think and that argument has more or less no effect.

In this case, you can opt for simplicity: dress the kids warmly, grab the sleigh and go for a walk. You need to buy something near the house? Take your backpack with you and you will kill two birds with one stone.

And if there is not enough snow for your sleigh to slide and if the sidewalk is clean, grab the stroller instead… And if the kids are big enough, they can just walk.

If your garden or the park is covered with snow, snowmen and forts are always fun.

Cold and warming!

Going out – especially for a long time – must be punctuated with little warm breaks to be truly appreciated. Treat yourself, your couple and your family to board games, coffee and hot chocolate (children love these special permissions to satisfy their sweet tooth between meals). Or you can read with the whole family.

Avoid winter fatigue
  • Stock up on vitamins with fruits and vegetables cocktails.
  • Don’t forget the proteins (meats, eggs, fishes, daily products, dried fruits).
  • Treat yourself while getting a portion of magnesium and trace elements with dark chocolate and dried apricots (rich in carotene).
  • We tend to forget that the air is very dry during winter and that it is very important to remain hydrated by drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. Feel free to diversify your drinks by alternating water, tea, soups, etc.

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