15 places to go apple picking

Children biting into an apple they picked is joy in its purest form! Here are some great places around Quebec for your family to go apple picking so you can share the joy with them!

Verger Labonté

Pick from 10 varieties of apples, pumpkins and squash or entertain the family by participating in the search for clues in the amazing maze of corn and sunflowers. Apples are at your fingertips from early August to late October. On top on that, bring home some wonderful products made from the delicious fruits like dried apples, jelly, syrup, pies, tarts and muffins, not to mention the sparkling apple cider, wine and cider vinegar. Yum!

2291, Perro boulevard, Notre-Dame-de-l'Ile-Perrot, 514-453-5379

Treego Havelock & Au cœur de mon verger

This orchard offers an unusual activity for families to enjoy : Treego, circuits of challenges in the treetops! The whole family can do the challenges, as there are circuits for kids and three circuits for teens and adults. Relax in between by picking apples, 9 varieties of them, in addition to plums and strawberries during the fall. Prices: Adults: $ 28,50, Children: $ 16,45, Family of two adults and 2 children: Adults: $ 24,45, Children: $ 14,45.

551 Covey Hill, Havelock, 450-247-2785

Verger Trois Pommes

You can pick from 13 varieties of apples or buy pre-picked in a bag – starting from mid-July until the end of October and enjoy a variety of products made from the delicious fruit: apple butter, picklings, pies and cookies. There is also an on-site playground, a picnic area (sheltered in case of rain) and a mini-farm. The family can also explore the site on a tractor ride.

470 Main Street, Rougemont, 459-469-0858

Verger de la Montagne

You can pick from 25 varieties of apples, seven days a week from late August until mid-October. You can also obtain goodies derivated from apples, visit the mini-museum or take a guided tour of the orchard.

118 chemin du Sous-Bois, Mont St-Grégoire, 450-460-2858

The Old Cave

Located at the foot of Mont St-Hilaire, the orchard welcomes families for picking and to discover their many derivative products from mid-July to mid-December. Everyone can enjoy tractor rides, the children get access to a fun playground and another convenient amenity is the dry toilets located around the orchard. Hours: mid-July to the end of October: 9am to 6pm and late October to mid-December: 9am to 5pm.

937 Mountain Road, Mont St-Hilaire, 450-446-0332

À la croisée des pommes

Besides picking from many varieties of apples between July 18th and October 24th, the whole family can also ride horses, visit the farm and watch the ducks. Apple jelly, syrup, butter, applesauce and pickling products are also sold on site.

90 Lacroix Street, St-Joseph-du-Lac, 450-623-8621

Cueillette 640

You will probably need a full day to enjoy all the activities offered: in addition to self-picking, the whole family can taste many homemade regional products and a tractor ride. Look also for the pony rides, the inflatable games, the petting zoo and the artificial lake. Direct payment accepted and shelters available in case of rain.

41 Binette Street, St-Joseph-du-Lac, 450-623-8635

Labonté de la pomme

This nearly a century-old family orchard contains 20 varieties of fruits, including apples, but also a honey farm where you can observe the world of bees, taste their honey and buy the products. And why not explore the trails on a hike or by tractor if you feel a little tired? Children can also become farmers or growers for a day.

405 rang de l'Annonciation, Oka, 450-479-1111

La magie de la pomme

Activities such as tractor rides, a petting zoo, animation and a magic castle will delight the children while the orchard allows you to pick apples, pumpkins and African squash. Open from September to the end of October.

925 Fresnière road, St-Eustache, 450-623-0062

Verger Le Gros Pierre

After picking a few bags of their beautiful apples, you can relax on the terrace while enjoying some pancakes and letting the kids have fun on the playground. They also offer tractor rides and apple interpretation trailers.

6335 Highway Louis S. St-Laurent (Road 147), Compton, 819-835-5549

Farm Guillaume Letourneau

In addition to apples, raspberries and cherries waiting to be picked, you can buy one or more of their many derivative products of these delicious fruits.

3968 Royal Road, Iles d'Orléans, 418-829-2751

Les Roy de la Pomme

There is an orchard on site and a cider factory. Nearly a dozen varieties of apples bloom in the orchard and can be harvested between August 20th and October 10. You can enjoy cider and cheeses on site and also bring back souvenirs to loved ones or colleagues as they offer a personal and corporate gift basket service. There is also a playground and a stop area for cyclists.

1020 Principale Street, St-Georges-de-Beauce, 1-877-627-3633

Cidrerie La Pomme du St-Laurent

Choose your favourite variety of apple from the 13 that grow in the orchard. You can go picking apples from mid-August to late September. A train takes you to the heart of the orchard and you can also grab a ride to go pick some pumpkins.

503 Bellevue road West, Cap St-Ignace, 418-246-5957

Orchard Nicolet

There is more than apples to delight your senses: blueberry picking is open to the public from mid-July to mid-September and they even have giant blueberries!

5760 Main Street, Grand St-Esprit, 819-289-2101

An orchard near you!

To find an orchard near you, just visit the site of the Producers of apples in Quebec Federation to get more information on apples, find great recipes and find an orchard near you!

All apples are naturally good to eat, but not all of them are good to cook. The best cooking apples are the Cortland’s (juice, cooking, cider), Gala (desserts), Honeycrisp (cooking), Lobo (cooking, McIntosh (cooking, juice, cider) and the Paulared (cooking). The Empire and Spartan apples are not ideal for cooking but are delicious enough to eat!

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