Tame winter

Skiing, seeing your breath, snowflakes, cute mittens and silent nights… Winter is not that bad after all.

Winter, the one that comes after Christmas, the one that is only made of ice, wind, and frost is much easier than it seems. Here are a few positive sides to winter considering that like my daughter’s teacher says, “no days are too cold, you can only be poorly dressed”.


There are many things to do and many things to try where there is a lot of snow. Skiing, snowshoeing, sliding alone superfast or slowly with the kids, walking in the snow and appreciating the crisp air and the silence. All northerners will tell you, snow is the best toy ever.

In fact, our children never have to think about a toy or to bring something outside because snow can do a lot of things. They can build forts, igloos, have a snow fight or build a snowman.

Hmmm… Comfort food

In wintertime, we are hungry! We play outside, it is cold and we shovel snow and all that requires energy! It is the perfect time to use your slow cooker. It is also a wonderful time to try new recipes because we spend more time indoors. On top of that, we are not scared to overheat the house by cooking or using the oven, quite the contrary!

Also, hot beverages like coffee, tea, broths, herbal teas, hot chocolate and mulled wine are much more comforting in cold hands.


When weekends are cold and when snow falls gently on our blue evenings, we never feel bad for staying at home and watching movies or TV series. It is a great period to spend time with your family, crafting, talking, playing board games and watching television.

Finally, we can complain all we want but winter is easy enough for everything that does not concern a car. We just need a scarf, a hat, mittens and a warm coat. Buy good boots once and for all to avoid freezing your toes and you will never fear winter again. You can go to the park to enjoy winter activities and skate with the kids.

Don’t hesitate to go out often and tame winter and you will notice after a few months, when spring comes back, how sad you are to give up your little cocoon and your cute mittens.

Image de Anne Costisella

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