Snacks for famished teenagers

Is your teenager constantly looking in the fridge? Do you ever get stuck when you try to find tasty, nutritious and sustaining snacks?

Here are tips to make filling snacks for your teenagers that behave like ogres!

To make a snack, you must know the two main reasons why a snack should be eaten.

Reason number 1: to reach the recommended number of daily servings

A snack is chosen in accordance with the daily portions of each group suggested by Canada’s Food Guide. Therefore, snacks are part of a healthy daily menu.

Here are the portions recommended for every group of Canada’s Food Guide. Don’t forget that this is a GUIDE. Your teenager could need more or less portions for each group.


14 to 18 years old

Vegetables and fruit

Grain Products

Milk and Alternatives

Meat and Alternatives


7 portions

6 portions

3 to 4 portions

2 portions


8 portions

7 portions

3 to 4 portions

3 portions

Examples of a portion

  • 125 ml (1/2 cup) vegetables and fruit is a portion of “Vegetables and fruit”
  • 30 g cold breakfast cereals is a portion of “Grain products”
  • 250 ml milk or enriched soy beverage is a portion of “Milk and Alternatives”
  • 75 g (2 ½ oz.) of cooked lean meat is a portion of the “Meat and Alternatives” group.

Consult Canada’s Food Guide for more details.

Reason number 2: to sustain hunger

Also, the schedule of meals and snacks will have an influence on your choice of snacks. Each food group brings different vitamins and minerals that are necessary to the good functioning of the body and each group provides carbohydrates, lipids or proteins. These help to wait until the next meal. That is why the delay between the snack and the meal influences the nature of the snack. If the delay is short, the snack will be mainly composed of carbohydrates that will soothe hunger for a shorter period. If the wait is longer, the snack will be substantial and will consist mainly of proteins to sustain hunger and provide energy a little bit longer.



Sustain hunger for
short periods of time


Sustain hunger for longer periods


Sustain hunger for longer periods





Grain products




Milk and alternatives




Meat and alternatives





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