Gift ideas for grandparents

Cranberry treats

The Body Shop is a safe bet and its Cranberry line of products designed especially for the Holidays is perfect to enhance the atmosphere and please grandma!

Several products offered alone or in baskets. The Body Shop, online or in store.

Magazine subscription

A great way to make sure that they think about you at least once a month is to offer them a subscription to their favorite magazine. A good option is Zoomer Magazine. It is a great magazine for today's young grandparents.

Heatable mittens

We love these new heatable mittens from Magic Bag! It is an original and practical way to soothe cold hands that lead to cold everywhere! Just heat your mittens in the microwave oven for less than a minute and put them on! Humid and comforting heat will soothe arthritis and stiffness and promote better blood circulation almost instantly. $ 21,99

Hot water dispenser

For tea or herbal tea, a bowl of instant soup or one-minute oatmeal, this hot water dispenser from Hamilton Beach is the perfect gadget!

The water gets hot in 60 seconds thanks to a system that boils water very quickly. Just touch it and voila! $89,99

Automatic jar opener

As you grow older, it becomes more difficult to open jars. This simple device from Hamilton Beach opens jars of any size effortlessly, just by pressing a button. If you give one to your parents, you just might buy one for yourself too! $29,99

Ooma Telo

This HD2 handset has a 5.08cm color screen to allow users to see the photo of the caller (stored in the phonebook) when the phone rings. Pictures and information about callers can be imported directly from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Outlook, etc. You can access your voicemail anywhere in the house and an intercom allows communicating with another handset, making this a very modern device. About $170 at Walmart, Costco and Future Shop.

The World’s Greatest Places

Here is a wonderful album that will make you travel from page one! This book is inspiring and will surely stimulate your appetite for adventure. With its awe-inspiring pictures and its insightful texts, this book will make a wonderful gift. Available on, from $31.36.


What a terrific idea for grandparents! Gather your best pictures of the year and every important date for the family to customize a 2013 calendar. That way, each time they will look at a calendar, they will think about you! Several superstores and pharmacies offer this service on their websites. Allow a few weeks for delivery. Expect to pay between 12 and 30 dollars, depending on the format. You can also customize other objects: coffee mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, etc.

Gift certificates for shows

Would you like to buy them tickets for a show but don’t know what to choose? Gift certificates are available in several places such as Place des Arts in Montreal, and can be exchanged for any show ticket. There are gift certificates for every budget, from $10 to $100.

Framed footprint

No matter how old your children are, a footprint and a picture are always good gifts for grandparents! You can even renew it every year! $29,99 at Walmart.

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