Gift ideas for mom

Jewellery tree stand

She never knows how to untangle her jewellery and it piles up in a messy box. This tree is so cute; she will gladly dig out her nicest pieces and find time to decorate it with her favorite necklaces! $16,99 at HomeSense

Italian crystal bracelet

Surely she does not travel as often as she wants with her busy life. In this case, take her out in exotic restaurants and give her this adorable Italian crystal bracelet! $39,99 at Winners

Sparkling ginger

It is quite rare to find ginger in body products. The strong smell may be surprising but it gives a little something that makes us want the whole range. Body butter, shower gel and body scrub, prices vary, The Body Shop, online and in store.

Smart slow cooker

Slow cookers are not only trendy; they are a great gift to cook meals every day without even being there! You come back home in the evening and dinner is ready! With this Hamilton Beach slow cooker, it is even easier because it allows you to set the time at which you want it to be ready and it adjusts to cook a perfect meal! $69,99


For years, she said she did not need one but she borrows yours all the time! Maybe it’s time to offer her one of her own that will make her life easier with all the apps on the market. For example, the Galaxy S III by Samsung offers the power and performance of Android 4.0., the most used interface in the world. With its impressive photo and video mode, it will be used all year round! Three colors available, $159 (with a 3-year agreement) at Telus.


There are several models on the market so just choose the one that she will prefer to make a hot drink in a jiffy! Tassimo is even more appreciated since Tim Horton released three new flavors (regular, decaf and latte) this fall. The Tassimo machine is available is superstores, ranging from $79 to $249 and Tim Hortonscoffee for Tassimo is available in all 3000 branches of the chain at a price ranging from $8,99 to $10,99.

Fifty Shades of Grey

This trilogy by E.L. James has sold 40 million copies around the world in 2011-2012 and the French released also caused quite a stir this fall. I bet conversations will often be fuelled by this sadomasochistic novel in the next few months. $24,95 at Indigo.

Zumba at home

Zumba has gained popularity in recent years and many women enjoy this physical activity that blends Latin dance moves and fitness. The only difficulty is to make is to the gym every week. With this kit, the gym comes to you! This boxset includes several workout DVDs with multisensory training on vibrant and catchy rhythms. Zumba weighs included! $99,99 at Canadian Tire

Cakes like a chef!

If she dreams of making cakes like a professional, this is the most complete collection of Wilton accessories, including spatulas, knives, tips, shaping tools and much more! 177 pieces. $299,99 at Canadian Tire.

Rolling Stones Fan?

The star of this line is a tongue, the iconic logo of the group inspired by Mich Jagger’s mouth and designed by John Pasche in 1970. Agatha turns it into rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, brooches, earrings and hair jewellery to let the fans express themselves in every way! Agatha Paris in Montreal and Quebec, prices vary.

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