Gift ideas for pre-teens and teens


The SCRABBLE electronic CATCHPHRASE game challenges you to find words and expressions and pass the game before the buzzer goes off. It is a perfect game to enjoy a good scrabble game but with an electronic extra. Word games are a beautiful gift! It could also be useful during long road trips… 4 players or more. $22,99


TWISTER Dance is a swinging version of the original game. Learn dance moves by following the lights and dance on the circles. Can be plugged n any MP3 player (sold separately). Five songs by Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Willow and Cupid are included. For one or two players. $24,99


Here is another revamped classic to amuse our children! In this LIVE version, the game takes place in front of an interactive tower that talks and emits sounds and surprises too! 2 Players. $20

Wrebbit 3D Puzzle

Impressive isn’t it? Not half as much as the time your child will spend on building this Neuschwanstein Castle and its 890 pieces! You were looking for a way to take him away from the computer? Here is the perfect gift! You will need a working space because he will be working on it for a while… $34,95


In this roleplaying game, players must embody noble Babylonians who must build the hanging gardens. An Amyitis game can last up to 2 hours. For children aged 12 and more.

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