Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Burger Stacker from Ricardo’s accessories collection

The Burger Stacker from Ricardo is the ideal accessory to help dad can make perfect and uniform burger patties every time. Made of stainless steel and nylon, the set includes 2 rings to make mini and big burgers.

$ 18,99 on Ricardo’s online store.

Father’s Day package at Amerispa

Dads also deserve a nice and relaxing day on Father’s day and Amerispa has put together a fabulous package that offers all the rest he desperately needs! Treatments include a therapeutic massage, an intensive facial, a revitalizing leg break and access to the water facilities.

$ 139 Gift Certificate offered at Amerispa.

An outfit from Tilley

Give him a nice outfit from Tilley which he will love because the clothes are of excellent quality, really well cut, wrinkle resistant, water repelling and stain resistant. He deserves it!

  • Keep it cool long sleeve shirt, $ 129
  • Venture Trek Cargo pocket zip-off pants, $ 179
  • Tilley Intrepid II bag, $ 258
Fullum & Holt

Does dad need a new computer bag or a nice fashionable belt? Fullum & Holt offers leather accessories of amazing quality and the ability to customize them by stamping up to three initials. Gifts for all budgets including iPad cases, wallets and more.

Master’s iPad Case, $ 125

Ooma Telo

The Ooma Telo is a smart phone for your home that offers a free home phone service of high quality. Quick and easy to use, it only needs a broadband Internet connection and a telephone to operate and you can make free and unlimited calls across Canada in addition to benefiting from several interesting options like Caller ID, call waiting and voice mail.

$ 239,99 at Amazon.

White Musk for men by The Body Shop

Products from The Body Shop are always environmentally friendly and fair trade. Give dad a product from the White Musk for men product line from The Body Shop and you will be able to enjoy the irresistible smell of a modern, musky, seductive and alluring fragrance.

Outfit from Winners

For dads who have style, offer them a fashionable outfit from Winners you will have carefully chosen according to their tastes. Luxury clothing at an affordable price, dad will be forever grateful!

  • Polo shirt, $ 29,99
  • Designer watch, $ 79,99
  • Colored Denim, $ 39,99
  • Designer briefcase, $ 39,99
  • Canvas sneakers, $ 49,99
  • Leather boat shoes, $ 39,99
  • Designer sunglasses, $ 16,99
  • Colorful socks, $ 3,99
Fingerprint Tie Pin from LOVELINX

This small Tie Pin from LOVELINX can be personalized with your baby’s fingerprints so that dad will look real chic while being able to feel as though baby is right there by his heart all day long. Delivers throughout Canada.

$ 98,00 at LOVELINX.

Magenta case for iPhone

Magenta Studio Photo is proud to present their new personalized Magenta iPhone case which allows you to carry a picture from a session in the photography studio or from dad’s own collection at any time on your phone.

$ 29,94 for the case or $ 69,95 for a gift-set, including the case, a photo shoot, an 8X10 photo and an electronic file at Magenta.

Dyson DC35 Slim Digital

A gift that dad will love and mom will find just as convenient is the Dyson DC35 Slim Digital vacuum cleaner. The most powerful cordless vacuum on the market lets you clean hard wood floors, carpets and hard to reach surfaces thanks to its various brushes. The design is versatile, lightweight and really attractive to dads!

$ 349,99 at Costco.

Apple TV

For geek dads who love all the latest electronic gadgets, the new Apple TV delivers HD 1080p quality image and gives you access to the best in entertainment (movies, TV, sports, music, photos and more) directly on your television and it will even play the contents of all your iOS devices using AirPlay. Hours of fun guaranteed!

$ 109 at Apple.

Nespresso Coffee machine

The Nespresso coffee machines allow you to make a superior espresso quickly and without hassle thanks to the Nespresso premeasured cups that offer you unrivaled flavor.

Prices vary depending on the model chosen, at Nespresso.

Armband for iPod by Sportline

So that dad can listen to music wherever he goes, even when he is working out! The Armband for iPod by Sportline is adjustable, super reflective and provides convenient storage space for your keys.

$ 12,00 at Wal-Mart.

SANSZO Cleaner

SANSZO Cleaner is a high performance cleanser for cars that will let dad clean, polish and protect all kinds of surfaces on cars like the body, plastic, chrome, wheels and windows and all that without having to use any water! Ecological and biodegradable.

$ 59,99 at Costco.


ABSOLU MEN by Hormeta is an innovative proactive anti-aging care treatment that was designed specifically for men and that combines a derivative of vitamin C and a microporous powder that absorbs the sebum on the face to matte your skin. The Cestrum latifolium leaf extract also helps prevent inflammatory reactions of the skin.

Several locations in Quebec. 30 ml: $ 98

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