10 tips and gadgets to reorganize your accessories

Pants hangers

If, like me, you never use pants hangers for pants and always find yourself trying to hang dresses on them (and fail!), use them to hang up your boots! It will keep your boots in a better state and leave some room at the bottom of your wardrobe!

Pool noodles

You can also cut pool noodles and place them in your boots to keep them standing.

The little black dress

Umbra always designs wonderful products but this one, in particular, has made my life much easier. With pockets on one side and Velcro straps on the other, this little black dress allows you to re-organize your jewellery and see everything at a glance. With this dress, you will never untangle your earrings again. You can buy it at Umbra for $25.

Shower curtain rings

To store your handbags and belts, use shower curtain rings that you will install in your wardrobe, directly on the rail or on hangers. During the winter, you can even use these rings to hang your scarves and avoid untangling everything while trying to find your hat and mittens in a big box.

Magnetic keyring

Instead of filling a small bowl with cents, rings and plastic bits of all sorts on a table where you will never leave your keys, use this magnetic panel. Cute and useful, this gadget is also available in other shapes such as characters, clouds and other fun shapes in decoration stores.

Cubby organizer

To organize your mail, glasses, phone, handbag, jacket and other small objects, here is a magic tool! It is simple, discreet and beautiful. It is also easy to install, and because it is thin, you can install it in the smallest entrance.

Masson jars

If you have nowhere to put Q-tips, cotton wool, brushes and other bathroom items, use the space left unused on your cupboard doors and install Masson jars to label and store all of your products.

Towel bars

Until this glorious moment when you have a walk-in wardrobe where your shoes will be hanging on a customized wall instead of on the floor between your son’s running shoes and your husband’s working boots, here is a great idea! Use a towel bar and simply hang your heels on it. Isn’t it perfect?

Magnetic bar

If your nail clipper, tweezers and scissors are always hard to find, here is a super idea to always leave them in the same place. Install a magnetic strip at the back of your pharmacy and hang everything on it. That way, you will always know where your tools are. You can find these strips in hardware stores.

Sliding bar

Another tip to gain some space and to find everything in the same place: install a sliding bar with hooks in your wardrobe to organize your belts, silk scarves and long necklaces all in one place. You can find these bars in hardware stores and on Amazon.

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