The gift of giving

You are feeling generous and you want to bring a little joy in the hearts of others? Here’s a guide to help you figure out how and what to give to those in need.


According to Centraide, one in eight people are living in poverty in Quebec. A money donation is always appreciated and can contribute to fill several purposes such as buying food, help research or relieve families directly.

Organizations to consider
  • Centraide : Centraide allows more than 1.3 million people in need to have access to the resources they need to get back on track.
  • OLO Foundation: The OLO Foundation was created in order to assist pregnant women living in poverty. Each year, one out of five pregnant women in Quebec lives her pregnancy in poverty. With the OLO program, these women receive a free egg, a liter of milk, a glass of orange juice and a supplement of vitamins and minerals daily.
  • Marie-Vincent Foundation: The Marie-Vincent Foundation directly helps abused children 12 and under. The funds collected are used to fund prevention, education and support to thousands of Quebec children victims of abuse and their families.
  • Gouverneurs de l’espoir Foundation and Mamans de l’espoir inspirational movement: The Gouverneurs de l’espoir Foundation provides the necessary tools for researchers and practitioners to advance research in the cancer field. The Mamans de l’espoir inspirational movement helps families of children who have cancer so they can receive support tailored to their needs.
  • Montreal Centre de Jeunesse Foundation: The Montreal Centre de Jeunesse Foundation finances activities, projects or programs that can’t be funded by the government to improve the help received by the thousands of children and teenagers victims of neglect, abuse and abandonment.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada: The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada helps people with the disease improve their quality of life and advance research.
  • Breakfast Club of Quebec: The Breakfast Club of Quebec is committed to providing its members with a nutritious breakfast and a nourishing environment to facilitate learning.

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