The gift of giving


According to Centraide, one in eight people are living in poverty in Quebec. A money donation is always appreciated and can contribute to fill several purposes such as buying food, help research or relieve families directly.

Organizations to consider
  • Centraide : Centraide allows more than 1.3 million people in need to have access to the resources they need to get back on track.
  • OLO Foundation: The OLO Foundation was created in order to assist pregnant women living in poverty. Each year, one out of five pregnant women in Quebec lives her pregnancy in poverty. With the OLO program, these women receive a free egg, a liter of milk, a glass of orange juice and a supplement of vitamins and minerals daily.
  • Marie-Vincent Foundation: The Marie-Vincent Foundation directly helps abused children 12 and under. The funds collected are used to fund prevention, education and support to thousands of Quebec children victims of abuse and their families.
  • Gouverneurs de l’espoir Foundation and Mamans de l’espoir inspirational movement: The Gouverneurs de l’espoir Foundation provides the necessary tools for researchers and practitioners to advance research in the cancer field. The Mamans de l’espoir inspirational movement helps families of children who have cancer so they can receive support tailored to their needs.
  • Montreal Centre de Jeunesse Foundation: The Montreal Centre de Jeunesse Foundation finances activities, projects or programs that can’t be funded by the government to improve the help received by the thousands of children and teenagers victims of neglect, abuse and abandonment.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada: The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada helps people with the disease improve their quality of life and advance research.
  • Breakfast Club of Quebec: The Breakfast Club of Quebec is committed to providing its members with a nutritious breakfast and a nourishing environment to facilitate learning.

If you choose to donate food, remember to choose non-perishable items like canned goods

Organizations to consider
  • Society of St-Vincent-de-Paul: The Society of St-Vincent-de-Paul provides emergency food, help, rehabilitation and support to people in need. Their Bonne Mine Operation provides educational assistance to children of poor families in order to encourage perseverance and to break the cycle of poverty. You can also donate money, goods, furniture or join the team of over 1 400 committed volunteers.
  • Quebec Food Banks: With the support of more than 16 000 volunteers, members of the Quebec Food Banks can help fulfill more than 1.8 million requests for emergency food aid and over 48% of people using the service are families with children. Cash donations are also accepted and you can get involved with volunteering to help make a difference.

The clothes you don’t wear anymore can make other people happy and allow them to stay warm during the cold season. Don’t forget to include shoes, coats and accessories like scarves, hats and mittens. Because the majority of places don’t have the funds to repair your items, make sure you donate clothes that are in good condition.

Organizations to consider
  • Welcome Hall Mission : Welcome Hall Mission wants to fight physical, mental and spiritual poverty. Note that you can also donate money, food or goods and even volunteer.
  • Savers: When you make a donation to Savers, only items ready to be sold are sent to their stores to be sold at a reduced price. The majority of items that can’t be sold are sent to countries in development in order to help them to create their own market place.
  • Renaissance: Renaissance retrieves your good to support their program for social and professional reintegration of people experiencing difficulty in integrating the work place.
Toys and entertainment

Because these items often end up being a luxury, you can be responsible for bringing great joy to a family in need by donating old toys, movies, books or games so they can spend time learning and having fun together.

Organization to consider
  • Reno-Toys Foundation : The Reno-Toys Foundation gives recycled and refurbished toys to organizations that help children from disadvantaged families or who have a sick child to help bring them a little happiness despite difficult circumstances. Monetary donations are also accepted and you can volunteer to help the Foundation directly to maintain its activities with the families.

If you’re planning to redo your home, get rid of old baby stuff or change any accessory in your house, don’t dispose of these items as they may indeed help many families who can’t afford to buy them.

Organizations to consider
  • Entraide Diabétique of Quebec : Entraide Diabétique of Quebec raises funds to help Diabetes Quebec. To do this, they collect clothes and used items in good condition and re-sell them at a reduced cost. All proceeds are then given to Diabetes Quebec to help fulfill its mission of helping people with diabetes directly and to promote research.
  • La Maison du Père: La Maison du Père is a refuge for homeless men aged 25 and over and the dedicated team offers men the necessary support to overcome homelessness through rehabilitation programs and social support. Money, clothes, food and hygiene products are also needed.

Furniture is expensive and is often still usable when we decide to replace it. More and more places are now collecting old furniture so that others can benefit of advantageous prices.

Organization to consider
  • L’Entraide les Amis de Montreal: This organization helps the people that live in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Montreal: St-Henri, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Côte Saint-Paul, Ville Emard and Verdun. Your old furniture, appliances and clothes are sold cheaply or given to those who really need it.
Appliances and electronics

We often forget that we can give our old appliances that still work but that we decided to change instead of throwing them away. Sort what is still usable and gift it to a family in need.

Organization to consider
  • Entraide Familiale in Outaouais : This organization gives support services to assist individuals and families with low income in the Ottawa region thanks to donations of furniture, appliances and clothing.

Are you getting rid of your old car? You could sell it for parts or you could donate it to help raise funds to further research for the Canadian Kidney Foundation.

Organization to consider
  • The Canadian Kidney Foundation : The Kidney Car program is an initiative of the Canadian Kidney Foundation and you can give your old car so they can recycle the parts and help contribute to fundraising.

Sometimes you have little resources but a big heart. Your time is just as valuable as any other type of donation and you will feel satisfied for helping people in need directly.

Organizations to consider
  • Children’s Wish Foundation: The Children’s Wish Foundation is aptly named since it is responsible for granting the biggest wish of children that live with an illness. Giving your time means playing an important role in creating their dreams. Money donations are also accepted.
  • The Pignon Bleu: The Pignon Bleu’s mission is to provide food aid to poor neighborhoods around the city of Quebec and to conduct socio-economical activities and contribute to the training and social and professional integration of people excluded from the work force. Money donations are also accepted.
The advantages of donating

In addition to it being a generous gesture and the joy it brings to the people that are receiving, there are several other benefits to give your things rather than throwing them away or selling them. You give items that are still usable a second life in which they can be enjoyed all over again. You’re also helping to reduce your environmental footprint by recycling and so much more.

Practical tips
  • To avoid surprises, always check the Fraud Centre of Canada and the list of charitable organizations to make sure your donations are really going to an accredited organization.
  • Donation can give you the right to provincial and federal tax credits.
  • We always feel more generous around the Holidays. Don’t forget that people who are sick or in need exist all year long and can benefit from your help at anytime!

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