Planning Happy Hour at home

Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular cocktail pack

The molecular mixology pack Cocktail R-Evolution allows you to make your own drinks with the help of a slotted spoon, a set of measuring spoons, 5 pipettes and several sachets which you will use to concoct one of the 30 recipes included on the DVD.

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Is it true that moms are busy?

Your single friends love telling you how poorly managed your schedule is. Do you have that many things to do?

Deciding to have a second child

You have been dreaming of another child for a long time and your daughter would love to have a little brother but it is such an important decision! Should you have a second child?

Overcoming infidelity: is it possible?

Infidelity has hurt many people from Louis XVI to Uma Thurman. Surprise, treason, pain, lies and fear…  An overview on infidelity, this very complicated subject.

How to deal with your child’s flaws

She argues, he dramatizes, they are never satisfied, they are always late… How should parents deal with these small and big flaws that drive them mad?