Planning Happy Hour at home

Costa Platter

The big Costa platter is carved by hand is a true work of art and gives a very elegant look to your appetizers and cheeses! Available in several sizes.

Finger Food Platter

I love this pretty little finger food platter, which allow your guests to balance their appetizers and refreshment in a practical and ingenious way! Lovely, no? The set includes 10 reusable rings.

Whiskey Stones

The time for ice cubes that melt too quickly and end up diluting your drink is over! Whisky Stones (which can be used with any beverage or drink, don’t let the name fool you) are made of natural soapstone cubes that are non-porous and tasteless. Just store them in the freezer at least 4 hours before using.

Paper napkins

Paper napkins are indispensable when you organize Happy Hour as they allow guests to keep their hands clean and can even be used like disposable compact plates for appetizers.

Coaster Charm Wineglass Markers

Combine the usefulness of a coaster that avoid scratches on furniture with a unique way to remember who has which wine glass with these coaster charm wine-glass markers. Fits most wine glasses.

Parasol Toothpicks

These umbrella shaped toothpicks are perfect for a hot summer day. A cute and original way to dress up your drinks.

Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular cocktail pack

The molecular mixology pack Cocktail R-Evolution allows you to make your own drinks with the help of a slotted spoon, a set of measuring spoons, 5 pipettes and several sachets which you will use to concoct one of the 30 recipes included on the DVD.

Original tea bags

If you intend to offer tea to your guests before they leave, I invite you to discover these wonderful little tea bags. Several themes and models available depicting well-known characters like celebrities, politicians, the royal family and more!

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