Delicious snacks!

Your kids are asking you for some new snacks for school and you're not sure what to get that will meet the multiple constraints of the school while making your kids happy? Here are some healthy snack ideas!

President's Choice

The Loblaws grocery stores' home brand offers a variety of products in individual portions that are perfect for the lunchbox, affordable and that can be used alone or combined to make a unique and personalized snack like the mini hummus containers offered in a pack of 4 for $ 3,29 that can be used with raw veggies and fruits or the new granola bars coated with Greek yogurt that are available in packs of 5 for $ 2,49.

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Being a new mom takes you on an adventure that is full of surprises and challenges. If you have chosen to breastfeed your baby, you’re probably looking forward to a positive experience, filled with special moments between you and your little one.

You can say no!

“On Saturday I have a dinner at my sister’s house, on Sunday, I have brunch with Mary and then I have to  help Caroline move out. I am overwhelmed!” And I did not want to do any of that!

Daredevil kids

Some kids are reckless beyond reason. We try to hold them back, but they always find a way to climb everywhere and continuously put themselves in dangerous situations.

Nervous Tics In Children

She gnaws at her nails while her play buddy cracks his fingers. Why are some children likely to develop nervous symptoms?