COVID-19 - Learn a new language for free!

Amidst the chaos that is COVID-19, schools are shut down and children's education is up in the air. Parents are looking for original ideas to fuel their children's thirst for learning, and Babbel has the solution!


1.5 million pupils and 550,000 students have been confined to their homes since March 12, 2020. After drawing, dancing, playing the guitar and doing yoga, why not learn a foreign language?

Thanks to its digital resources, Babbel is offering Quebec students free language courses for one month. Babbel wishes to support homebound students so that they can use their newly found free time to practice and improve their language skills.

“We have thought a lot about how we, as a company, can contribute to the current situation. The idea of ​​offering Babbel to students came from our team, who implemented this project with passion and in record time. I am very proud of this initiative and look forward to everyone learning despite the closure of schools and educational facilities. Our mission is to facilitate language learning, even in new situations like this, ”says Arne Schepker, CEO of Babbel.

Babbel offers the possibility of learning 14 different languages, and is available in Web version as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices. The short lessons are perfectly integrated into daily commitments, in particular thanks to their subdivision into practical subjects such as introducing yourself, ordering at a restaurant, terms specific to the business world, gender and identity, urban sustainability and much more.

To get started, students (or their parents / guardians) can click here. Then, they can register and get a valid code for one month of free access.

In addition, all new Babbel subscribers who are not students will receive a free trial week to take advantage of the home confinement period to practice or improve their language skills.

More information available at

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