Prenatal psychology

Transformation of intrauterine memories

Fear not, no one needs to be free from pain to be a parent. No one needs to know everything and be perfect either. Human beings are in evolution. Learning is part of life and mistakes too. And remember that it is possible to change these intrauterine memories. Psychotherapeutic advancements now take these intrauterine experiences into account and agree on the repercussions on our adult life.

To this effect, Dr Claude Imbert revealed the fundamental role of prenatal marks on the construction of the human psyche and created a Therapy by Prenatal Memory. Here, in Quebec, you can find a method that targets adults and pregnant women, the Therapy of intrauterine and extra-uterine memories (TMIEU), created by me. It is now possible to free yourself from recurrent feelings, psychic and behavioural patterns transmitted through generations.

Intrauterine memories are the cause of 90% of your daily discomforts. These memories are experiences that program and weaken your deep structures. They become a filter of unconscious perception and trigger experiences linked to this core.

The time has come to stop transmitting unwillingly what is wrong with you. Just like any form of emotional experience can be transmitted to the foetus or embryo, it is also possible to make good use of your personal experiences to repair two persons at once. Pregnancy is the perfect time to prepare the future of your child and to get ready, as a parent, to live with this unique being.

Do not believe love is the suffering that leads to all other suffering.

Brigitte Levesque
Therapist in TMIEU

In addition to her training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Brigitte Levesque has an extensive knowledge in holistic relaxation, psychophysiology, and epigenetic that, as a whole, led her to create a method called Therapy of Intra and extra-uterine memories (TMIEU). For 18 years, she has been helping people to permanently transform deep and fundamental structures located in their unconscious and stemming from their intrauterine experience. These experiences are the source of more than 90% of our discomforts as adults and are transmitted through the generations. Moreover, by observing that most of who we are was conveyed as an emotional legacy during pregnancy, she understood that it was possible for a pregnant woman to fix two beings at once. Her therapy helps parents take their responsibilities with confidence, be less prone to feelings of guilt and less subject to stress. These changes also fill this new being, and in turn, help him become more confident, more adapted to life and more fulfilled. For more details, visit her Anxiety-Stress website or contact her by email at or by phone at 514-369-1359.

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