Dangers of pregnancy

Other toxic products...
Pregnant women should avoid all types of poisons, pesticides, herbicides, varnishes, and solvents either at home or at work. If you work in a place where you come into contact with chemicals, it is recommended that you take your maternity leave as quickly as possible. Ask your doctor if you are eligible for the special work programs of the government.

In conclusion, pregnant women must pay attention to anything that may contain chemicals or toxic, whether painting or smoking! You can continue to eat what you like... but avoid products that may be undercooked or completely raw, like sushi! Leave the litter box to your spouse or to another person! And if you catch a virus, check your temperature regularly and make sure to use a product that is not harmful to your baby. Your doctor and pharmacist are there to help you make a good choice. Remember, it is important to take good care of this little baby, but it is also important to take care of you!


  • Book: « Votre grossesse au jour le jour » by LESLEY REGAN (In French)
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Karine Bergeron

Karine Bergeron is a doula who studied nursing and is currently completing additional training in prenatal care. As mother to little Laurence, volunteer for L’entraide maternelle, breastfeeding godmother and prenatal class teacher, it’s with joy that she dispenses her wisdom for Bergeron is passionate about prenatal care and ready to share all her knowledge to help you enjoy life’s greatest gift: becoming parents. To find out more or ask questions, go to and look for her in the “Équipe” section.

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