The muscle pains of mothers

Being parents often means forgetting ourselves. We take care of our children and we let our little problems get bigger. Why don’t we look after ourselves a little?

We often intend to take care of our well being later because we don’t have the time but it should always remain a priority!

Indeed, it is by being in good shape that we give our 100% to our offspring. Our health is essential to face each day without being exhausted every evening. Our daily life with one or many children is somewhat sporty…

How many times did we pick up our child when our back was clearly telling us to be careful? In addition, we always do this kind of thing in a hurry, we bend with a round back and our children are swinging backwards as if to make matters worse and the pain reappears.

Whether we chose nursing or bottle-feeding, the result is the same. We take care of the baby but not so much of ourselves. We bend our neck, we try to hold our child with one arm, we almost stop breathing at times!

How many times did we cook with one arm while holding our child with the other? Our posture takes a hit! We move our hip to hold our baby a bit, we abuse our strength and we adopt movements that are really bad for our poor muscles and body alignment.

What about the changing table, the crib and everything that is adapted to our baby but not so much to parents? Slings are great but they inevitably crush our lumbar vertebrae in the long run. In short, with little babies who often require our arms, we accumulate significant tensions that won’t magically go away.

We welcome many parents in our clinic and the finding is often the same: the same bad posture and habits. The points of tension that we find most often are between the shoulder blades, shoulders and neck, along the spine and lower back.

At Senzeo, we release the tensions created by these repetitive and constraining movements through massage therapy. Our specialty is to find stiffness, pain, problem areas and their cause in our body. Furthermore, we give you some easy tips and advice to avoid injury. You will come out of your session with a new back!

The hardest part is deciding to book that time just for you. It is true that it is hard to find the time with children and we always seem to be busy but Senzeo invites you to bring your baby into the massage room if he is young enough to stay in his shell and sleep tight while you are relaxing and feeling the muscle relaxation. Otherwise, you can always find a babysitter and do not feel guilty for putting your health first!

Rachel et Hervé Senzeo
Massage therapists

Rachel and Hervé are massage therapists who graduated from the Kiné-concept Institute of Montreal (KCI) in kinetic Swedish massage. They are specialized in massage for pregnant women, chair massage, members of the F.Q.M, Founders of Senzeo massotherapie where they welcome you in the ideal environment to relax. Senzeo massotherapie 6571, Molson Street, Montreal. Phone: 514-764-4255

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