Insomnia during pregnancy

Pregnant women face their fears during pregnancy and various concerns and questions disrupt their sleep cycle.

Dozens of questions worry her. Is she healthy? What about her child? How will she cope with being a mother?

When all these questions are not stemming from her, friends and family can bring them up and add to her stress. Motherhood is an unknown world filled with information, sometimes inconsistent. The pregnant woman and her partner are engaging in a new life and have important decisions to make. With or without epidural? What will be the baby’s name? Where will he sleep? Pacifier or thumb? Nursing or bottle? Am I putting on too much weight? The questions multiply as the pregnancy progresses.

What happens then?

Very often, the mother’s sleep is affected, as dark thoughts, anxiety and the increasing difficulty in finding the proper sleeping position are severe killjoys.

Night cramps can also occur, in the legs and the buttocks. Not to mention the kicking baby…

How can you make things better to enjoy the blissful hours of sleep that you need so much?

Your doctor must reassure you about your health and that of you baby.

Even if you do not fit in the pre-established health criteria and f your pregnancy is not going as expected or like your friend’s pregnancy or the way they describe in books, it is important to put things in perspective.

Once this is done:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle, including adequate physical activities.
  • Choose light evening meals (your digestion will be easier and you will sleep better)
  • Do not stick around for too long, your anxiety will catch up!
  • Take a relaxing bath before going to bed.
  • Remember to take moments of relaxation, a time just for you!

A relaxing massage is an excellent option for you. In fact, if you get a massage at the end of the day, you will be better prepared for the night to come. The nighttime hormones called endomorphins will be more efficiently carried into your brain after a massage.

In addition, your massage therapist (choose a therapist specialized in pregnant women) will also gently stretch your calves (where most night cramps occur).

After this, ladies, you will have all the tools you need for a good night of sleep.

Rachel et Hervé Senzeo
Massage therapists

Rachel and Hervé are massage therapists who graduated from the Kiné-concept Institute of Montreal (KCI) in kinetic Swedish massage. They are specialized in massage for pregnant women, chair massage, members of the F.Q.M, Founders of Senzeo massotherapie where they welcome you in the ideal environment to relax. Senzeo massotherapie 6571, Molson Street, Montreal. Phone: 514-764-4255

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