For the sports enthusiast

Does your child like hockey? A street hockey game can be held in both summer and winter. Ask about the possibility of using the neighborhood ice rink or the arena in your area. Again, separate the children into a team (randomly, names in a hat). Why not join a few parents to the children's teams? Children always like parents to have fun with them.

Is skateboarding their favourite hobby? So, why not build in your backyard or frontward (if possible) jumps, rails and more and invite them to a “skatefest”! You can even contact the sporting goods store in your area and ask if you can hire a skateboard specialist who can spend a few hours with the kids and teach them a few things. In winter, you can contact one of the indoor skateboard centers. It is definitely possible to host a birthday there.

Some suggestions …

Whatever your choice, do not forget to take into account the tastes and desires of your child while respecting your budget! And above all, put yourself in the shoes of a child and use your imagination!

Some other suggestions
  • If the birthday is held indoors, it is always best to reduce the number of friends.
  • Instead of the traditional birthday cake, why not offer a dessert table on which they will find: individual cupcakes they could decorate at their leisure with candy, jujubes, ice cream, whipped cream, caramel, etc. Even if you will probably suffer the consequences of the overconsumption of sugar commonly called "sugar rush", think of the pleasure they will have!
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