Another birthday is just around the corner and you're out of ideas! Here are several to organize an extraordinary party within the limits of your budget.

It is increasingly difficult to create a birthday party for our child that is up to their imagination and remains within the limits of our budget. And if the birthday is in the heart of winter, the challenge is even greater because of the flexibility offered by the yard or outside does not work in our favor. Be aware, however, that there are several alternatives or ideas to create a very special birthday for your little one.

First of all, celebrating a birthday holds great importance. Celebrations, rituals, and family traditions are events that weave bonds and unite family members. Your children will always remember a special birthday or family celebrations! And when they are adults, these events will be of great importance to them and they will transmit these same values to their children.

To create a birthday that our child will love, we must first know their interests, passions, things that make them happy and feel fulfilled. By starting your planning with the things they like, you are already heading in the right direction.

For circus enthusiasts

If it’s summer, you can recreate a little circus in your yard, or in the house (family room or other), if it’s already too cold out. Prepare a clown nose and circus-themed colouring pages for each child. You can hire the services of a clown to animate the party. Be rigorous in selecting the company with which you will do business. Ask for references, ask for a picture of the clown and what kind of activities will be planned. If you are from the Montreal area, you can contact Clown-express Vault.

Another suggestion is to prepare a colourful birthday cake to represent the circus. You can also host the event in a place like a circus school that offers birthday animation service at a very reasonable cost or, hire the services of circus professionals by visiting Circus and Fantasy.

If your child and their guests are over 7 years old, experimenting with the trapeze is a fun way to approach the circus theme. To learn more about this type of activity, visit "Chateau de Cirque", where they have all the circus equipment you can think of!

For the cowboy lover

Instead of the traditional birthday hat, why not replace this with a cowboy hat and a sheriff star? You can also create a treasure hunt (or, in this case, a Wild West race) where kids will be looking for clues that will take them to the stolen items by bank burglars. You can create a scenario yourself by including the name of each invited child to your clues. You must consider the age of the children for your questions and clues. You can get inspiration from Lucky Luke's stories for this type of birthday.

Celebrate your child in the company of horses or ponies at Riding School 1101 at La Présentation.

For the future veterinarian

You can provide them with materials and ask them to create a birthday hat that represents their favorite animal. To make it easier for them, you can create the cone of the hat using a sheet of construction paper that you have rolled and sewn into a cone. You can add ribbons that will be used to fix their hat on their head.

Provide the children with pencils, pantyhose, paper mache, straws, shiny, anything that will allow them to create their masterpiece. It is also possible to hire a mini farm. Some small animals will come to your home and the children will be able to caress them as they please. Depending on your place of residence and the space you have, it is even possible to rent a pony. Imagine your toddler and their guests’ faces when they see all these little friends!

To visit a farm:

For a mini farm:

For an original activity:

Take a tour of the Zoological Movie Park to meet animal TV stars! It is possible to organize a forest walk with some of the trained animals. Children will be able to try certain commands themselves. Bring your lunch for a picnic in nature.

Survivor theme

This type of birthday can take place outdoors, regardless of the season. First, you will have to prepare challenges and obstacles that children will have to complete such as puzzles, riddles, mathematical problems, questions about their interests or some physical challenges. Upon arrival, the children are separated into teams. Do it by drawing names out of a hat to avoid any conflict. Each team will have to prepare an identification poster and find a name. The team with the most points will be awarded the gold medal and the other team the silver medal (each child must have a medal!) You can make the medals yourself. Get creative! Anything works. For everything to go smoothly, ask other parents to help (for example, they can each animate a different event/obstacle/question).

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