10 things to do on a day off

Go bowling!

We have so far never met a child who doesn’t like to go bowling and your vacation is the perfect time for an outing at a bowling hall! If you have toddlers, most bowling halls offer smaller balls that are more adapted to their little hands and some places even have a device that looks like a small slide which allows your child to slide down their ball straight and fast so they can participate in the game with the whole family!

Discover mini-golf!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to go play a round of mini-golf with your kids yet, we encourage you to discover this fun sport during your vacation! For a super special experience, visit one of the Putting Edge establishments which offer a unique experience: a fluorescent indoor mini-golf that is sure to delight your whole family!

A day of R & R

Did you know that more and more spas now offer packages specifically designed for families and children? You know you deserve it, and so do your kids, so take the opportunity to pamper yourself during your vacation!

Become a tourist guide for the day

We often tend to always go to the same places and visit the same stores. During your vacation, take your children out for a road trip to discover the hidden corners of your city, take a walk to explore new paths and admire the scenery and the nature that surrounds you. It’s a great educational experience for children and who knows, you might find a surprise or two!

Day of cultural activities

Do you want to develop your kids’ taste for culture? Find out what type of cultural activities are available for families in your area and choose one that interests you and your children so they can learn about the different types of art. 

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