Activities for moms and their kids

The Petit Gym

For those who have energetic toddlers, The Petit Gym offers parent/child classes for children aged 4 months to 3 years old. These sessions are specifically designed for them and they help promote the overall development of their small bodies while allowing you to help and to witness every success!

Énergie Cardio

At Énergie Cardio, you can get back in shape after giving birth through mother and baby classes that combine cardiovascular and strength exercises during which you are carrying baby in a baby carrier. This class is open to parents and babies aged from 2 months to their first steps.

Cardio-stroller classes

Cardio-stroller classes are a favorite of new moms who want to get fit and develop new friendships after delivery! These classes are often given outdoors summer like winter and have you walk and exercise while pushing baby in the stroller. For a list of parks across the province that offer cardio-stroller classes, click here!

Swimming lessons

It’s often said that kids are like fish in the water and there is a reason for that: most kids love being in the water! Take advantage of that passion by taking parent and child swimming classes to help your child learn how to swim and have fun at the same time. Check the schedules of swimming classes in your area to see the different options available in the pools near you.

Dance class

If you enjoy dancing, Mama Dances offers dance classes for parents and children in the Montreal area that allow you to share this activity with your child while learning various dance styles in an energetic atmosphere.

Culinary workshops

Your child shows a marked interest when you are preparing the meals? The President’s Choice culinary school offered by Loblaws grocery stores allow you to develop this interest further through culinary workshops specially designed for children and their parents.

Ceramic Cafe Studio

At Ceramic Cafe Studio, they honor parents and their children by making Wednesday the special parent-child day. Come paint a piece and decorate it with your baby’s fingerprints or simply come relax with a coffee and a book while baby is taking a nap.

McCord Museum

If you are looking for an educational activity to teach your child new concepts through fun and interactive activities, a trip to the McCord Museum is perfect for you! On Sunday, a practical workshop puts forward a theme related to their exhibitions and collections, while on Wednesdays, the parent and child activity teaches you the art of crochet and allows you to share your passion for history with your kids.

Spa package

Mothers often complain about now having enough time to pamper themselves. Did you know that many spas now offer packages designed for parents and their kids? What a wonderful way to unwind together as a family!

Movie theatre 

You are a movie fan but baby doesn’t tolerate the loud noises that come out of the speakers at the movie theatre? We invite you to discover the movies for mommies that are now available in most major cinema chains in Canada and which allow you to watch a new release in a room reserved for parents and babies that have a lower volume to protect baby’s ears.

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