Maximize your clothing investment during pregnancy

Feel free to wear the accessories you have (necklaces, bracelet, earrings, hat), they will complement your new wardrobe perfectly.

Finding the right type of clothing during pregnancy can be frustrating at times. The body changes dramatically in just a few months and if you make the wrong sartorial choices, you could end up with far too many maternity clothes than needed.

Keep in mind, when shopping for pants, that your stomach and the area between the crotch and the waist, will increase throughout the pregnancy, so plan these growths at the time of purchase.

When buying blouses or shirts, remember that your chest, back, arms and stomach will take a little more breadth, but not your shoulders. You must look for cuts that will respect the width of your shoulders and leave space where necessary. Simply buying a larger size means that the shoulder will fall too low, giving the illusion of being fleshier than you are, and will greatly increase your figure.

You must choose stretchy fabrics, which will add to your comfort and emphasize the femininity of your beautiful forms.

Nadine Joannette

Passionate about fashion and shopping, Nadine Joannette has spent more than 10 years analyzing every angle of the fashion industry as a Purchasing Manager. She founded Shopping à la carte!, a business whose mission is to make people’s lives easier by offering them a variety of personal shopping services for both men and women. 514-809-6569

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