Dry skin and chapped lips

Although it is the body's largest organ, skin is often neglected. With the wind and cold temperatures that winter brings, it’s important to take care of it!

If some people take care of their skin, treat it, moisturize it and nourish it properly, many others barely look after it!

Apply some cream!

At this time of year, skin mostly suffers from dryness. Heating, hot baths, windy conditions, cold weather and muffling up under layers of clothing are all factors that have a negative impact on your skin and against which you have to fight if you want to keep a healthy-looking skin at all times.

Before any outdoor activity, apply hydrating cream on your face, neck and hands to protect your skin from the cold temperatures. And don’t forget the kids: their skin is three times thinner than adults’, so it is more fragile and needs more care. Choose a cream with an SPF of at least 15 to protect everyone from the sun at the same time.

What about the hands?

Mothers of young children are always amazed to discover that their hands are always wet, humid and… dry! When doing the dishes or hand-washing clothes, use rubber gloves as often as possible to protect your hands. You should also try to avoid going from cold to hot water, or exposing your hands to the cold directly. And after wiping off your hands, use a nourishing (made from calendula, for example) and protective cream as often as possible.

Less baths

Try to replace long and hot baths with quick and warm shows. It’s a known fact, heat dries out your skin, so try to go for warm water instead of a boiling bath! Then - if you can manage it, of course - take your shower or bath every other day rather than every day... On the other day, you can simply use a washcloth. By reducing your body’s exposition to water and soap, you’ll be helping your skin. In fact, many doctors advise parents not to wash their babies or children every day, but rather clean them up with a washcloth from time to time to let their skin breathe.

As a matter of fact, soaps are often responsible for many irritations. Many of them contain dyes, deodorants or strong perfumes. People with dry skin and children should not use such products and should instead fall back on soaps that are known for their softness.

You don’t have to flay yourself alive when you wipe yourself off after a bath or shower. Some people wipe themselves as if they were sanding a floor. You may not realize it, but your skin does not like being treated that way. It is better to gently tap the body with a soft towel, allowing your skin to retain some of its moisture!

More cream!

After a bath or shower, you need to apply some cream to create a kind of barrier on the skin to prevent water from going away! It takes about 5 minutes to do if you take your time. Stores are still packed with hydrating creams of all kinds, so take advantage of all the post-Christmas sales and load up!

The importance of a good diet

Diet plays an important role in your skin’s condition. Vitamin A found in fruits and vegetables helps fight against dry skin. Vitamin B prevents skin from cracking, while vitamin C gives it elasticity, so you should opt for foods that contain them.

Chapped lips

Using a lip balm is recommended during the entire cold season because the wind and cold contribute to your skin’s dehydration. Make sure to only use good quality products, otherwise you might end up worsening your problem instead of fixing it. Know that most lipsticks, especially the long-lasting and mate texture ones, have a drying effect.

If you often have chapped lips and regular lip balms aren’t helping, try gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush with soft bristles to get rid of dry skin. Follow by applying a good layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline). It’s not the best for romantic nights, but very effective to get nice, soft lips! It’s also good for other dry parts of your body, such as knees and elbows.

Image de Sonia Cosentino

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