A moment with Thandie Newton

The new face of Olay, Thandie Newton talked to us about simplicity, common sense and health.  Does she have anything to hide? I don’t think so. Take a look!

The more you read about Thandie Newton and the more you listen to her, the more you realize how beautiful she is, inside and out. She was very happy to share her secrets with us because she is the mother of two beautiful daughters (Ripley and Nico) and she understands what it is like for us. Here is what she asked me to tell you…

Her daily routine

Thandie Newton has a very simple routine because she doesn’t wear too much make-up when she is not on a movie set or acting in a play. She wears a bit of concealer under her eyes, a bit of blush but she never wears mascara or eye shadow, except when she is going out.  Her favorite make-up item is an edible and organic gloss and because it is natural, she happily shares it with her daughters.

Because of that, at the end of her day, she only needs to splash a bit of water over her face to remove the excess oil produced by her skin and if she finds dry patches, she applies Olay moisturizers.

She keeps saying “Oil of Olay” even if the name has changed because she has been seeing it in her mom’s bathroom since she was little. That is why she chose to represent Olay… that and the fact that she can find their moisturizers wherever she goes in the world and because it doesn’t affect the balance of her skin.

All about balance

I asked her what the most important part of a beauty routine was. She answered that moisturizing is key but she avoids stripping the natural oils that her body produces. When it is not producing enough, she uses Olay.

She says that whether she is on the road or at home with her children, the only thing that changes is the amount of moisturizer she uses. It all depends on her hormonal changes, exercise, where she is (by the ocean or in a city)… “The key is to be aware of what you need and to avoid washing off and replacing the perfect moisturizers produced by your body or your hair”.

For the same reason, she also loves organic products. When she washes her face with soap, she uses an organic rose facial wash from Neil’s Yard Remedies. To moisturize her body, she simply uses olive oil and a drop of essential orange blossom oil for its perfume.

“We should not just keep a routine because we are used to it, we should always try to find out what our body really needs”, she says.

Don't hide

“Sometimes when you have breakouts and when you are feeling sluggish, it is because you are putting a strain on your body”, she says.

Thandie Newton has been educating herself about food since she was 19 years old. She is now 38 and she has learned that eating well can change your life.

Everyday, she eats raw vegetables and she creates delicious juices and fruits cocktails. She suggested reading; “Eat yourself young” by Elisabeth Peyton Jones, a life-changing book that reminds us that being beautiful begins with being healthy.

She asked me if I knew that lemons could stop sugar cravings. I did not. She also shared that lemons, garlic, beetroots and turmeric are essential to good health and a beautiful skin.

Before we hung up, she told me that we always cover our face, nails and hair but it is just to make it look as if we were healthy. But, like she says, we won’t have to cheat and try to look like a healthy person if we just become one.

To find out more…

Thandie Newton is the new Olay spokesperson in North America. To learn more about Olay’s products, visit their website.

If you want to know more about the W and ER actress and her philosophy, you can watch this wonderful conference about otherness.

To buy Elisabeth Peyton Jones’ book, visit Amazon

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