Beauty routine for busy moms?

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When you become a mom, every second counts! Concretely, we have little, if any, time to do our hair and make-up in the morning and we are often too tired at the end of the day to afford a make-up removal routine worthy of the name.

So here are our tips to continue taking care of yourself even if you don't have as much time to do it.

Wash your hair less

Warning: If you are new to dry shampoo, this product could be life changing! You don't have to wet your head to use it, and it will space out shampoos or delay washing your hair for a day or two. Spray the product at the hairline, then brush to remove excess product. Your hair will look clean and regain its volume in seconds.

Practice "skinimalism"

Recently, a new beauty trend has emerged, a contraction of the words "skin" and "minimalism". It brings together three main principles: exploring the benefits of facial yoga (massages, and stimulating and firming exercises), opting for a very light makeup, and opting for more natural skin care products. This process will ensure a healthier skin instead of focusing on the visual "imperfections" (because yes, everyone has pores, freckles and acne on occasion!)

Discover micellar water

Powerful enough to cleanse and remove makeup from the skin and gentle enough for sensitive skin, micellar water has revolutionized the cleansing routine. Apply a few drops to a cotton pad that you stroke all over your face. No need to rinse!

Our favorite: Sensibio H2O micellar water from Bioderma

Sensibio H2O is an all-in-one cleansing and makeup remover water designed for sensitive skin, which helps strengthen your skin's biological barrier to make it healthier and stronger every day. And if there's one thing we've learned over the past year, it's the importance of barrier gestures and skin care!

Sensibio H2O can be used every day, twice a day, and does not require rinsing. Simply soak a cotton ball (preferably reusable, to protect the environment as well) with micellar water, then gently cleanse your face without rubbing or pressing vigorously on your skin. Repeat until your cotton ball is clean, then gently mop your face. And there you go! Your skin will be purified and ready for the next step in your routine!

Don't skip steps during your manicure

Getting your nails done is sometimes a luxury when you're a mom. Take the time, apply your nail polish properly to make your manicure last longer. First, rub your nails with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to allow the polish to adhere better. Greasy particles on the surface of the nail will cause the varnish to flake off faster. Choose quick-drying nail polish and never skip the top coat step, which will seal the color and protect it at the same time.

Get ahead of your morning styling

To never wake up with a bad hair day again, apply a leave-in hair mask to your hair before going to bed. You will save the exposure time in the shower and the product will act while you sleep. Hair masks work overnight to hydrate and repair, leaving your hair looking shiny and healthy in the morning.

Pro tip: Braid your damp hair when you get out of the shower if you don't have time to dry it. They will dry out while you sleep and will be beautifully wavy when you wake up!

Image de Vanessa Maisonneuve-Rocheleau

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