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You know your child is growing up when…

It’s inevitable. Our little babies, all end up growing up eventually! We know, but it doesn’t prevent us from getting a little surprised whenever they do something new!

Have you sworn to yourself you would be an ultra-cool-not-cheesy-at-all mom who would act nonchalant when her child would go through all the necessary steps that keep taking them closer to adulthood? I have news for you my friends; we all end up, one day or another, feeling this shock as our baby puts us back in our place. The day we realize we’re not as essential as we were before when we see them doing something new without our help is a tough day for all moms!

To prepare you, and to make you laugh a little, we asked moms on our Facebook page to share the funniest and most touching moments that they realized their little baby was indeed growing up faster than they had thought!

You know your child is growing up when…!
  • They start wearing your clothes! (Melanie)
  • They no longer watch TELETOON but MUCH MUSIC. (Liette)
  • They come see you holding something you thought for sure you put out of their reach! (Melissa)
  • They start using like, real, like you know, teenage, like, expressions! (Nancy)
  • They say « Wait for me, mom! » (Ben-Annie)
  • They go alone to McDonald's (Anne)
  • They say « I don’t need your help, I’ll do it myself » (Veronica)
  • You look at that picture on the wall and realize it might be time to change it (Marie-Noelle)
  • THEY berate YOU for using a bad word! (Celine)
  • They tell you they can do it...and it’s actually true! (Julie)
  • They’re driving YOU around! (Karen)
  • They don’t say « yes mom » but « yeah yeah » (Bianca)
  • She wants to use the bathroom alone and actually does it well! (Johannie)
  • Your daughter tells you « Mom leave me alone; I want to be alone in my room » (Christine)
  • They call you « Man » instead of mom (Roxanne)
  • You give birth to your youngest and find your oldest looks like a giant! (Isabelle)
  • They start school! (Hanne)
  • You see him do something new! You just know that little by little, they’re growing up! (Kimmy)
  • You think all newborns are premature because they are so small! (Marie-Eve)
  • They use smart words you don’t even use yourself! (Caroline)
  • Your baby has a baby! (Nadine’s mother)
  • My little man went into the 4 years and older group at daycare! (Nadine)
  • His friends say « Yes maam » when talking to you … Ouch! (Isabelle)
  • They start going to bed later than you (Caroline)
  • They offer you Tylenol and a glass of water for your headache (Emily)
  • She says « When I was little… » (Mylene)
  • He rolls his eyes to heaven when you tell him a story from your childhood… (Christine)
  • She returns from day camp saying « Oh mom, I just want a break; I had a big day and I’m spent! » (Angela)
  • They tell the same jokes you used to when you were their age. (Marie-Claude)
  • They share their emotions with their friends on Facebook. (Nancy)
  • She's late to summer camp because she took too long to fix her hair! (Melanie)
  • She invites friends for a sleepover and they spend all night talking about their future with Justin Bieber! They grow so fast! (Sophie)
  • You talk to them eye to eye. Phew, what a shock! (Isabelle)
  • They start being in the 13 years and older category, and everything starts being more expensive! (Sophie)
  • You get to the living room and see him eating a tub of ice cream with a spoon you never gave him! (Bianca)
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