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They are SO cute when…

Don’t you think our children have a knack to make us go ‘Awww’ all the time? has made a list of 10 situations in which our heart just goes BOOM!

They smile for the very first time

Is there something more exciting than the first smile of our newborn? Mine did hers in her sleep. I liked to say that she was smiling to the angels!

They eat alone for the first time

I love watching children learning to eat even if they dirty little hands touching everything they see including their hair drives me up the wall with desire to clean up! I think it’s the intense concentration they have as they attempt to bring the food to their mouth that makes me go gaga.

They take their first steps

One of the most exciting steps for parents…but for the kids too! They are so cute when they finally feel ready to take that first not at all shaky step! A tip? Take lots of pictures, you’ll want to remember this moment forever!

They transform toilet paper into an epic game

I don’t know if you’ve had to go through this phase, but both my daughters went through a very memorable phase where toilet paper suddenly became THE most interesting thing they had ever seen in their short lives. Let me tell you, it was a little less funny when they clogged the toilet with it!

They realize the family pet is not a plush toy

Parents who have pets know that young babies are usually absolutely uninterested in the animal other than to pull his tail or chew on his ears. One day, your child will realize that the pet is actually part of the family and will begin to give him affection. Awww!

They learn to play hide and seek

You know, when they haven’t quite yet grasped that their body will just not be hidden by that miniature bonsai tree or they don’t really understand the goal of remaining hidden and keep jumping in front of the person seeking shouting « Hi! I’m here! You found me! »

They want to help you cook

You can a nap and your little one has the brilliant idea to bake you a great cake to make you happy. Often enough, they’ll get distracted by that big fascinating bag of flour and you will never get to see the end result! But...they’re so cute covered in flour!

They play dress-up

They just can’t wait to be just like us, their parents! It’s always super cute to see them play mom and dad and see what they think the mysterious life of adults really is like in their minds!

They finally remove the training wheels

Do you remember how proud you felt when you finally pedaled on your bicycle after removing the training wheels, most likely being watched by your very happy parents? All parents look forward to experiencing that with their own children!

It’s their first day of school

They all eagerly wait for the day they will finally start school! But when the day comes, insecurities might come out and they are often impressed by all the new people and the big school. But we are all so proud of them when they find the courage to go ahead and start this big adventure!

Image de Mariem Melainine

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