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Planning your wedding

Getting married is something most women have been dreaming of since childhood! Some even have boxes filled with pictures and ideas they have been collecting for years!

No matter if you already have ideas in mind or if you are just starting to immerse yourself in this magical world, here are some ideas and tips to follow to make sure your marriage will be to your taste while being an unforgettable event!


Many women want to choose their dress right away (can we blame them? It’s the most exciting step!), but we suggest you rather choose your theme and colors first because these elements will often determine the ideal look of the dress and accessories.

You should also remember to set a realistic budget from the start, taking into account your wishes without forgetting your means. Don’t despair, even if you only have a small budget, you can have a wedding to your image and taste; all you need is a little imagination, time and your friends ready to help you achieve your dream!

Getting professional help

Nowadays, women also have the option to hire wedding planners who can help them plan their big day hassle-free because they will manage all the obstacles for you. You have to shop around to find one that is within your budget and that understands your vision. Naturally, if you have acquaintances that loved their wedding planner, you should ask for a reference. We like to feel secure to prepare for our big day!

The Dress!

Ideally, you should start looking at dresses as early as possible in your planning for the big event. Women now have several options available to them according to every budget going from specialized clothing boutiques to websites where women can purchase their dress for a lower cost, to classified ads that could help you save money on the dress you will only wear one day… You could also get the help of a professional stylist like Nadine Joannette to guide you in your purchases and to get the dress of your dreams.

Are you pregnant? Do not panic, designers offer several styles of wedding dresses for pregnant women that will put their pretty round belly on display while emphasizing your natural beauty. We also invite you to read our article « Fashion tips to survive a wedding during pregnancy » to find some inspiration!

Managing family expectations

One of the hardest things to manage when planning a wedding is family expectations! Especially when your mother-in-law wants something different than your mom! You will often have to use your skills and a lot of diplomacy to defend your wishes without having to sacrifice the family peace. But remember that it is YOUR wedding, so the last word should always be between you and your future husband. You want to celebrate your wedding with the people closest to you but don’t feel obligated to invite all the little cousins and great aunts unless it is really what you want.

Where to celebrate

Once your guest list has been finalized, you will be able to start searching for a church if you have decided to have a religious wedding or find a place of your choice for a civil wedding.

The cost and the presents

One of the questions couples often ask themselves is whether they should the cost of the wedding. Should there be a fixed amount to cover expenses for guests and avoid a big hole in the budget or should you instead give everyone the option of giving an amount of their choice, even if you don’t end up receiving as much as you had hoped? Asking your guests to share the cost is an increasingly widespread practice and you should take the decision in function of your family and friends. Keep in mind that this request might shock some of your guests and that you risk receiving less presents since people are generally more generous when they take the initiative.

The reception

The reception is usually what people will talk about long after your wedding. This is the time where you can start planning your menu, decorations and activities you will want to offer your guests like dancing and fun games.

Depending on the type of wedding you choose, you will start searching for a band or hire a DJ that will create the ambiance you are looking for (ballroom, country, disco, latino, etc.) or you can ask your friends to play discs of love songs you have prepared in advance for your big day.


If you want gorgeous pictures to remember your day, we advise you to shop for professional photographers so you can cherish those beautiful memories forever. You will see, the day will pass faster than you think and you will be happy to have beautiful pictures. All the photographers are not equal! Visit their websites to see their work before choosing one that you like best to avoid being disappointed in the results.

Planning a wedding is definitely not easy, can cause great anxiety, disappointments and even sometimes change us into the queen of Bridezillas in spite of ourselves! But if you respect yourself throughout the process, you will never regret it because you will have a memorable big day that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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