Lunch creations!

Ladybugs sandwiches

If you’re a beginner, here is a simple idea made out of a ham, lettuce and cheddar sandwich decorated to look like a ladybug and served with mandarin oranges and grapes. Perfect for lunchboxes!

Vegetable platter

You want your kids to be more interested in vegetables? These snowmen made out of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots make a nice little veggie platter that is sure to get their attention!

Merida from the movie Brave

If your children enjoyed the movie Brave, they will love this lunch that looks like the princess Merida and which is made out of a turkey patty (see the recipe). We love the idea of using orange pasta for her hair!

Fish sandwich

Give a little style to your classic tuna sandwiches by using a cookie cutter and a combination of white and brown bread for a beautiful two-tone result! See the recipe.

SpongeBob lunch

This cheese sandwich in the form of SpongeBob and with beef pants is perfect for fans of this colorful character. Served on a bed of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers flowers and avocado clovers with fresh strawberries and grapes, you can serve up this lunch with no guilt!

Bicycle made out of veggies

Here’s another unique way to serve vegetables to your children! Customize your design to fit your child’s interest to have even more success!

Pizza Fun

To change from sandwiches a little, why don’t you try to let your kids decorate their own smiley face pizza with healthy ingredients of your choice?

Egg flowers

This flower was made from slices of hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, green onion and a good dip. Make several different flowers for a beautiful bouquet of good foods!

Egg fun

A nice plate of fried eggs where the yolks become big round eyes. Complete the effect with half cucumber slices for the ears, a piece of carrot for the nose and red pepper or tomato for the mouth.

Butterfly sandwiches

Get your child involved with this easy recipe for butterfly shaped sandwiches they can decorate to their liking. You only have to provide the cookie cutters, bread, sliced meats, cheeses, veggies and fruits and let their creativity run free!

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