If your child is refusing foods, it is time to talk some sense into them!

What is this new disease? Rest assured, it is not a new disease but only a phase during which your child will tend to refuse to taste any new food.

More than one step…

18 months old: Children are willing to taste everything and it is a great moment to introduce new foods, even those that mom and dad like less.

24 months old: Introducing new foods is harder because half of all children become difficult and show signs of neophobia.

2-3 years old: Children tend to refuse several foods, both new and known!

2-5 years old: Children accept to eat only specific foods.

To everyone’s taste

Keep in mind that each child develops their own tastes. Every child is unique! It is best to avoid insisting too much when a child refuses to taste something because it could take up to 8 to 10 attempts before they accept to try anything new. Insisting too much can cause reluctance and make it much more difficult to make them try new flavors.

Five senses on your plate

Take advantage of the preparation of meals and moments sitting at the table to awaken your child’s senses. Indeed, visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory sensations give a lot of information on the food. By explaining in simple words, your child will eventually learn to express what they like and dislike in specific meals. I love 5 to 10 servings a day invites you to discover fruits and vegetables with your 5 senses in a free brochure designed for children.

By Marie-Ève Nadeau, Nutritionist trainee level 4, McGill
Nathalie Regimbal, RD
Christine Gadoneix, RD
Dieticians and nutritionists
Manger Futé

Source consulted in November 2012:
GLOUCHKOFF, Alexandre. (2010). Pourquoi l’enfant refuse certains aliments.

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