Eating breakfast improves learning!

Is breakfast a part of your children's routine? The first meal of the day is very important for all members of your family so you can start the day on the right foot!

With back-to-school in full swing, getting back into the routine of preparing nutritious breakfasts every morning is a must!

Breakfast to start the day

We all know how breakfast, which refers to the meal we eat to break the fast of the night, plays an important role on our body and mind and it’s an integral part of a healthy diet. This is especially true for our children, who are developing and who spend long days at school learning new concepts and spending physical energy. It’s therefore really important to feed their body and brain with the nutrients they need to start their day off right!

According to recent studies, children who don’t eat breakfast daily are really affected during their school day, which may have a long-term negative impact on their academic performance and self-esteem:

  • Greater difficulty concentrating;
  • Fatigue and inattention in class;
  • Irritability.
Breakfast: An important tool for academic success

Children who eat a healthy breakfast in the morning enjoy a nice boost that helps them improve their mental performance and concentration during school activities and they also receive a helpful dose of energy so they can practice sports and be active. In fact, children who are used to eating a healthy breakfast every day receive several benefits:

  • a more alert mind;
  • better physical performance;
  • more creativity;
  • better memory;
  • better ability to solve problems;
  • They express themselves easily;
  • They are better able to maintain a healthy weight.
A nutritious breakfast

To help your child be well equipped for their day, it’s important to feed their bodies with the proteins and energy they will need to start their day. A healthy and balanced breakfast should include foods from at least 3 of the 4 food groups

  • Whole grains;
  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Milk products and alternatives;
  • Meats and substitutes.
Ideas for healthy breakfasts
  • Toast with sliced strawberries on top, hard-boiled egg and glass of milk.
  • A toast with peanut butter and sliced bananas, a slice of cheese and fresh juice.
  • A bowl of nutritious cereals or oatmeal with berries.
  • A bowl of cottage cheese mixed with fruits, toast.
Nutritious and fun breakfast recipes for kids
Do you know the Breakfast club of Canada? They help vulnerable children by providing a healthy and nutritious breakfast in schools by partnering with communities and regional organizations. In Quebec, there are 287 clubs that offer this wonderful service to more than 18 000 children!
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