10 tips to bring a father and his child closer together

Fathers want to develop bonds with their child and find their place in this new family life. There’s no need to wait until birth, these bonds can be developed even during pregnancy!

Hug them!

While mothers bear their child and feel them inside their belly's, fathers must make a conscious effort to develop bonds with their children and find their place in this new family life. There’s no need to wait until birth, these bonds can be developed even during pregnancy!

Using the Kangaroo Method by hugging your baby in their diapers on your bare chest, skin to skin will create a sense of comfort and calmness for the both of you. Mostly used with premature babies, this technique keeps your baby warm and comforts them. Try it and you will find it is somewhat magical! You will want to repeat the experience over and over! You can even nap on the sofa with your baby on your chest and enjoy this period of rest and affection. Wonderful!

Massage your baby!

Your baby will love massages! Of course, you must be gentle; your baby doesn’t need to recover from a hard day at work! They only need soothing and regular caresses. Massaging helps digestion, soothes colic and calms restless babies. Read a book or, even better; get a newborn massaging training to learn the proper technique. You will also find several articles about this on!


That is a two for one! Your baby will appreciate your softness, and mommy will also be happy to kiss her man without being hurt by stubble! Moisturize your skin to avoid being irritated by repeated shavings.

Make your baby laugh!

Like mommy, daddy can also sing, rock and walk with his baby. When your baby is not well, you can make miracles by hugging them and doing fun things like kissing their belly and making amusing sounds. The physical side of men and their way of playing with children is a source of amusement and comfort.

Talk to your baby!

Many specialists think that babies can hear some voices in their mother’s womb, like their father’s voice. Therefore, before birth, your baby hears their father’s voice and associates it with a comforting feeling. Once born, they will continue to appreciate that voice, even if it is a very deep voice. Of course, we must carefully choose the proper tone to avoid scaring the baby but talk to them often! Tell them stories, talk to them about your day and address them directly. It will take a few months before they can talk back once they are born, but they will enjoy hearing your voice. Moreover, this attention will help them feel loved.

Wash your baby

Several dads truly enjoy bathing their child. Of course when they are still tiny, fathers feel clumsy, but mothers feel clumsy too and it is a good way to develop skills! Because babies are often happy in their bath, it is a great moment to share before bed!

Look at your baby

It would be easy to believe that because babies don’t talk, it is not necessary to talk to them directly and look at them. During the first months of life, babies can only focus on what is near them. So when you talk to them, whether in their stroller or when they crawl on the floor, go near them and let them see your face.

Read stories

Daddy’s deep voice will be fascinating for your baby! If you play with your tone of voice, make sound effects and noises while reading, your baby will always ask for more! Reading is a great activity at any age – even when babies are only a few months old – and will become one of the best moments of the day.

Go out and play

Whether with a stroller or in a carrier, you should start walking with your baby very early. Walking, shopping, in a pool or at the park, take your child everywhere you go. For the first months, your baby will not participate much but the bond that you will develop will make them want to play with daddy as much as possible!

Sleep next to your baby

Whether by co-sleeping for those who want to spend the nights with their baby or only for afternoon naps, sleeping together creates bonds. Relax, listen to each other’s breathing sounds and trust each other. You will learn to appreciate the presence of that little baby in your arms, and you will want to repeat the experience.

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