Mysterious colics

  • Run a bath (be careful with water temperature: warm but not too hot) and take a bath with your baby, skin on skin. Make sure your baby is immersed up to his neck to avoid breezes and make him cold.
  • Massage the baby’s stomach with soft almond oil.
  • Place a hot water bottle or a Béké-Bobo on your baby’s stomach. The warmth that comes from these objects will help your baby relax. You can also wrap your baby in a comfortable blanket.
  • When it comes to feedings, you may want to try feeding your baby more often but in smaller quantities. Make your baby burp more often.
  • Vibrations soften the colics. Many types of baby seats with a vibration mode are available in stores.
  • Be careful with all the excitement! Babies who suffer from colics are usually more sensitive to light and noise during their outbursts. Make sure to dim the lights and get rid of as much noise as possible!
  • Finally, disheatened parents often go for drives or walks with the stroller. If you are up to it, these are good ways to relieve your little bundle.

It may be hard for parents to go through never ending outbursts! If this is your situation, it’s normal to feel discouraged. The baby is crying non-stop and there is nothing you can do to put an end to it. It is not your fault if your child has stomach pains. Many babies go through this situation and many other parents go through what you are going through. You are not alone! That’s why you must speak with your loved ones; don’t hesitate to ask for help and even have someone babysit your child if you need a break. Your patience and understanding are important. Don’t forget that this is a temporary pain!

In conclusion, if your baby cries non-stop, everyday at about the same time, make sure nothing in you environment or any of your living habits are upsetting him. If you haven’t identified anything and you believe that colics are the cause, arm yourself with patience and understanding, and be comforting with your baby by using your body heat to relieve his pain. Don’t go through this alone! Ask for help when you feel like you are about to burst… baby needs you!

Karine Bergeron

Karine Bergeron is a doula who studied nursing and is currently completing additional training in prenatal care. As mother to little Laurence, volunteer for L’entraide maternelle, breastfeeding godmother and prenatal class teacher, it’s with joy that she dispenses her wisdom for Bergeron is passionate about prenatal care and ready to share all her knowledge to help you enjoy life’s greatest gift: becoming parents. To find out more or ask questions, go to and look for her in the “Équipe” section.

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