Summer sports and activities

During the summer, being active is essential! After months of winter laziness, we have one mission: to practice sports with the kids. Here are 5 easy sports for the whole family!


Perfect for… staying cool, above all! During a heat wave, wading pools and swimming pools are everyone’s favourites! Knowing how to swim is essential for young children. Your public swimming pool probably offers courses certified by the Red Cross. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce them to swimming. Without necessarily turning them into lifeguards, you will feel safer if they are good swimmers.

Recommendations: Learning to swim is not enough to avoid accidents. See that everything is in order to ensure that your little swimmers do no go in the pool without being under supervision. To swim safely, it is important to be aware of the main safety tips related to private swimming pools and to have on hand all the necessary equipment.

You can also opt for… Even if you have no pool at home, you can visit parks with water games or go to public pools. You don’t like swimming but your children love it? Choose wading pools (usually less than two-feet deep) or buy a small inflatable pool or a plastic pool for your children.

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