Setting up a playroom


Dedicating a room to children is good but it must be easily kept clean. Here are a few tips to manage:

  • Place storage at the children’s height, easy to access and well identified;
  • Use labels with images instead of words;
  • Avoid the huge toy box that will soon become a mess and place many little boxes in an open shelf instead;
  • Suspended nets and claw chains are a great way to put away all the teddies that are inevitably accumulating;
  • For crafting, a cabinet with transparent drawers makes it easier to find what we are looking for.

Finally, it is important to involve your children in the design of that space, their space. This process will give them a feeling of belonging and of pride and will encourage them to take good care of it. Don’t forget to plan ahead so that the room can evolve with your children. Finally, always keep safety in mind because the whole purpose of this space is to provide a safe place where you can leave your child without any worries.

Jessica Prescott

Interior designer

As a designer who started her training as a decorator, she went on to get her diploma in Interior Design from LaSalle College. Mother of a girl and a boy, she is passionate about intelligent designs, which are both beautiful and functional. Her experience as a mother gives her a practical and realistic approach blending aesthetics and family. Practicing in the Saguenay region, she offers her services on site or via email.

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